I Grew My Own Shower Sponge

Care For Your Goji Berry Plants

If you wish to have grow goji berry plants at home, you need to think about ways on how to take care of such a plant, because once you grow them, its your duty to look after them. A goji berry plant does not demand too much of strict conditions, soil nutrients and temperature.

Raised Garden Beds – Do They Really Need to Be Enclosed?

Raised garden beds are all the rage at the moment with manufacturers of corrugated metal surrounds doing a roaring trade. But, do you really need these to establish a successful raised edible garden? The beauty of having the garden raised above the surrounding ground is that it automatically creates good drainage which is what vegetables need to grow well.

Orchid Habitat and How it Relates to Their Care

Do you have an Orchid that seems to be dying in spite of all the research you’ve done to provide it the very best care? Understanding the Orchid’s natural habitat may help.

Build an Inexpensive Greenhouse – Money Tight? Build Your Own Cheap Greenhouse

You had a great gardening season in the spring and the summer. But now you start walking outside and its starting to get coolers… fall is come you think. The nights are starting to get colder. So you start to bed down your great garden with some manure crop so it will be ready for next spring.

Grow Herbs in Pots and Enjoy Some Benefits

Herbs are often considered as valuable ingredients in any dish that being able to pick fresh ones right at home would totally be awesome. However, since the space is limited, you can always use pots to grow herbs.

When to Prune Grape Vines – The Number One Tip For Best Results

If knowing when to prune grape vines isn’t the first thing you need to know to grow great grapes, it is very close to it. Most viticulturists would agree that this is the single most important task if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors – 3 Important Tips to Get it Right

So you want to start vegetable seeds indoors and get a head start on the growing season? If you have tried starting seeds before, then you know that there is a lot more to it then simply sprouting a few seeds and putting your young plants on your window sill and hoping they’ll be hardy enough to be transplanted when the weather is ready.

Good Soil is the Second Most Important Factor to Produce Healthy Herb Plants

It seems that these days, everyone wants to grow herbs. It is probably because of the triple dividends paid by herbs: good scents, good flavors and good looks.

Call 811 Before You Dig

So you’ve decided to plant a couple of trees in your landscape this weekend. What’s the worst thing that could happen? An aching back?

The Secrets to Bonsai Tree Care

Bonsai trees have increased in popularity over the recent decades and they are no longer strange, tiny looking, plants imported from a foreign land. Bonsai growing is known a well known and respected pastime and they are now regarded as being very beautiful and artistic plants.

How to Build a Small Greenhouse

There was once a time when I was fully preoccupied with the thought of building a small greenhouse. It all came to pass and I have to admit, it was all worth the effort and it got me hooked on gardening until my once small greenhouse ultimately became a bigger one to accommodate all the plants I want to grow.

Mmmm! Smell That Popcorn! (Cassia Didymobotrya)

The Popcorn Cassia which can be either a small tree or shrub has brown buds which open into beautiful tall yellow flowers which can be 2 inches in length. As the wind blows through the branches of it or if you rub your hands through the feather like leaves, and then smell them you will understand what I mean.

Best Soil Preparation is the Mixture of Sand, Silt, and Clay

Nothing can ever be fresher than vegetables that are hand-picked straight from your backyard. When planning on setting up your own vegetable garden, it’s important to choose the right plants that will thrive on your garden.

Shrubs For Year Round Interest

Shrubs are grown in the garden for various reasons. Learn why people choose shrubs for their garden and what you need to know before purchasing them.

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