Indoor Grow Lights: CFL, LED, HPS, MH, CMH, and More Explained!

Feathery Poppies – Add Dimension With Papaver Laciniatum

Gardening is often far more than simply putting in some beautiful plants, nurturing them and looking forward to stunning blooms. To get the most from any garden you want to ensure that as many dimensions are covered as possible, including making steps to bring sounds, fragrances and movement into the garden.

Hunter I-35-06 6 Inch Pop-Up Rotor

Hunter I-35-06 6″ pop-up rotor is the latest offering from the Hunter Industries which is a pioneer in rotors used in watering large commercial landscapes and turf like areas such as commercial grounds, sports fields and so forth. The Hunter Industries started their business in irrigation facilities in the 1980s and slowly established their foothold in the same with forward thinking products and designs. The gear driven rotors were launched since 1983 after which a series of innovations followed, with rotors for every type of landscape and watering need.

How to Use Phosphoload

One of the challenges urban gardeners face is limited space in their gardens for vertical plant growth. Not only can plants grow too tall for the space one has, as they get taller, the lower parts of the plant will require supplemental lighting.

Spending Quality Time With Your Kiddies

Spending quality time with your kids is important for their personal growth, learning, and the strength of your relationship with them. Doing this will help to get them to behave better, because they want to listen to you and follow your instructions. They become more accustom to doing so if you share a common project and work on it together. We offer some ideas on ways to spend quality time with your kids.

3 Vegetable Gardening Tips

Spring is the Super Bowl for us vegetable gardeners as it marks the time when we can get our hands dirty, put the hard work in, all to reap the benefits of a bountiful harvest. Here are 3 tips to get you going as we embark on yet another season in the sun.

Small Greenhouse For Use Outdoors or Indoors

A small greenhouse can be used outdoors or indoors in order to expand your gardening season. The small greenhouse gives the gardener an opportunity to try new varieties of vegetables indoors that they have never tried before.

Growing Brussel Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are notorious for their low yields, but if you enjoy their distinctive taste they are worth growing – or trying to grow – in the garden. They grow easily from seed, but are quite fussy when it comes to both soil and weather conditions. Get it right and you’ll get more than a meal out of each plant.

Why Indoor Vegetable Gardening Rocks

Indoor gardening is continuing to be the latest craze in horticulture. It’s a hobby that doesn’t take much time and effort to set up. But to get great results you need to put some effort into taking care of your new-found vegetable friends.

The Different Types of Rotavators

A rotavator is a mechanical gardening tool with power blades attached to a spinning surface to plough soil and give optimum tillage. Different rotavators are designed to suit different gardening needs.

Things To Consider When Building Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

Raised vegetable garden beds are becoming a fast trending method for gardening today and probably even in the future simply because of all the benefits that it offers. Try imagining a world where in we can plant even in the most barren of lands or a world where in we can grow plants inside buildings and even on rooftops using this type of gardening method. Who knows, this might even resolve food shortages in some parts of the world. Which is why, I would like to share my own experience in building raised vegetable garden beds with the intent that we pass it on to the next generation.

How to Grow Top Quality Vegetables in Raised Beds

Top quality vegetables are mostly grown from organic farms. These are farms that rely on natural things like horse or cow dung, leaves, decomposing matter, earthworm, or anything that one can find to mix with soil to make it organically more fertile to grow vegetables. Farmers use natural ways to grow plants and don’t utilize the use of chemicals.

How Do We Know Which Roses Are For Growing Where?

Roses are indisputably the most popular and most loved flower in the world. They stand for romance, beauty, fraternal bonds, beauty, and elegance. But choosing which roses for growing in your home can be a daunting task to some.

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