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Growing Herbs Indoors With Limited Natural Light

Growing herbs indoors provides a multitude of benefits over outdoor gardens. If you have little experience with plants or if you just don’t have the space to grow them outdoors, a simple indoor herb garden may be just the solution for you.

Finding the Perfect Wind Chime

Various tones and sounds that are produced by wind chimes. Solid, cylinder chimes will produce a different sound compared to tubes that are hollow. Hollow tubes come in different size and lengths, which will also determine the kind of sound that will be produced. So some research will do you good before purchasing one depending on what your tastes might be.

Healthy Vegetable Gardening, Planting

Vegetable gardening is usually a passion, an activity done in your spare time as a hobby, but since you are planning to grow actual vegetables in your back garden, you should also know a couple of things about how to keep them healthy and enjoy these vegetables when they are ready to harvest. The first thing you need to do is keep in mind that you need to use only natural products for fertilizing and pest control, otherwise you damage the environment, you damage the crops and possibly even yourself if you attempt to eat the vegetables. There…

How to Identify Tomato Plant Diseases

With good planting methods your tomato plants should grow up to be strong and healthy with vibrant green leaves and healthy fruit. Unfortunately things may not always go smoothly and your plants may catch one of many tomato diseases. Fortunately, with good tomato disease identification most can be controlled or treated if you spot them early enough.

Designing a Garden – Creating Your Personal Oasis

A garden is a planned space, set aside, usually outdoors, for the cultivation of plants and for the enjoyment of its owner, friends, neighbors and all forms of nature. A garden can incorporate both natural and man-made materials.

Crabgrass Or Crabby Grass

So if you have a crabby yard filled with crabgrass where should you start? Should you plant grass seed first and wait for it to take root before dealing with the crabgrass later in the season or should you start with crabgrass control and then seed the bare spots later?

Tips When You Buy Compost in a Bag

A lot of gardeners, especially newbies, ask if it is possible to buy premium grade garden composts in a bag. Most bagged products at garden shops are either topsoil or manure. So how do you find places that offer go-to composts in a bag?

Bonsai – The 3 Main Things That Kill Them

As common as this theme is, keeping bonsai alive and well is much easier than most people think and not really any great secret! There are three main causes of bonsai curling up their toes and ending up in the big Japanese garden in the sky!

3 Best Methods For Having Beautiful Healthy Houseplants

Not only do houseplants add color and life to your home, they can also clean air pollutants while circulating fresh oxygen. If this is something you might be interested in, the following houseplant tips will help you along.

How to Build a Vegetable Garden

It is easier than you think to build a vegetable garden. Begin with a manageable size, nothing larger than about 10 feet by 10 feet for a beginner.

Climber Rose – An Old Garden Rose Beauty

No rose garden is complete without the inclusion of a climber rose – somewhat of a classic like an old garden rose. Climber rose also known as climbing roses and or ramblers. Climbers are not vines so they will need a supporting structure to hold onto.

Building a Cheap Greenhouse – How to Choose a Design

With so many different types of cheap greenhouses popping up, I thought that I would write a short article about the styles and designs that are available to most of you. Being a gardener it is all too easy to presume that the reader knows what you’re talking about.

Indoor Grow Closet

Do you live somewhere that it rains more often than not? Do you love fresh fruits and vegetables? Why not consider an indoor grow box or closet.

Organic Gardening – There is No Such Thing As Bad Soil

Amend the soil you have in your gardens with organic matter and improve the structure naturally. Provide your plants the nutrients they need naturally.

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