Installing a GORGEOUS 6’ Tall Fountain! ⛲️πŸ₯°πŸ’š // Garden Answer

Building a Mini Greenhouse – Start Gardening All Year Round With Mini Greenhouses

I know how you feel when winter is coming around the corner. You feel disappointed because you have to put all your tools away and stop gardening for 3-5 months… how terrible is that?

Vertical Gardening For The Aged

Don’t think your gardening days are behind you just because you can’t bend over anymore or have to relocate. A vertical garden can keep you tending those veggies and still winning gold for best tomatoes in show!

Methods to Get Started in Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is an fascinating alternative to regular gardening and has just a few advantages. If you look intently at peoples gardens lately, chances are you’ll discover raised bed gardens moving in, or taking over.

Tulips – Enthralling Beauty

The captivating essence and the incomparable beauty of flowers cannot be expressed in words. These wonderful creations of God have enthralled human beings since time immemorial.

Spring is on the Way – Composting Tips For the Eco Gardener

For those wanting to get into gardening, there is no better time of year than spring. Spring is when it all starts over again and is a great time to begin planting flowers, plants and shrubs.

Half-Ripe and Hard-Wood Cutting and Grafting

It is a delightful experience seeing the seeds you have planted, gradually grow into plants. When you see plants grow to their fullest potential, definitely there is a feeling of satisfaction.

How to Prune Climbers

While planting climbers make sure you plant them at least a foot away from the bottom of the wall. To reduce fungal infections and ensure proper airflow around the delicate stems of climbers ensure that proper spacing is kept.

How to Create a Well Balanced Garden

To get the best out of the garden as far as gardening is concerned you have to plan the garden well. It is only after planning that you will be able to get a well balanced garden. Different types of trees can be planted in the garden depending on the type and style of the garden.

Thatching Lawn – In the Spring

Thatching Lawn In the Spring is a healthy process for your soil and your lawn for the upcoming summer. The process should be done every 3 to 5 years and there are several ways to determine if you need to de-thatch.

Vertical Gardening With Herbs

Scared of trying to grow fresh herbs instead of reaching for that jar of dried stuff? Even a 4 year old can grow spectacular herbs all year round with a vertical gardening system like this one!

Vertical Gardening With Vegetables

Fancy home grown veggies but only have limited space or a ‘concrete yard?’ No problem. Vertical gardening is the delicious answer!

5 Great Berry Bushes For Your Edible Backyard Landscape

Plant a few berry bushes in your yard, and enjoy the tasty fruits for years to come. Why pay a fortune for a pint of berries at the grocery store, when you can grow your own at home with minimal work required?

A Cheap Greenhouse Can Work Great If You Keep These Tips in Mind

Greenhouses have made their mark in terms of productivity and quality of output. They are in vogue due to their proven ability to increase yield over a long time at reduced costs. Plants that grow in greenhouses are less likely to suffer from diseases and dysfunctional growth problems.

Tips For Proper and Effective Butterfly Gardening

There are two things you need to do to turn your yard into a butterfly garden. The first is to find out which species of plants attract them and plant them in abundance and secondly, make sure it is a safe environment and the local feline fraternity can’t get in to kill these gorgeous creatures that you have worked so hard to attract. Location and size is all important when you are in the initial planning stages of your butterfly garden.

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