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Broccoli: From Seed to Harvest

Where do I begin with just how much better home grown broccoli tastes over store bought nameless varieties? Maybe I am a bit biased because I think everything I eat from my garden tastes better, but I am sure I am not alone with this assessment.

Plants Require More Than Just NPK to Grow

So many of us will apply some form of fertilizer containing NPK – Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium to the soil to feed our plants. However, plants require many other trace elements to grow optimally and relying on the above 3 nutrients will cause problems, such as pest and diseases. This article highlights the role trace elements play and there importance in maintaining healthy plant growth.

Garden Design – How to Plan Your Garden and Make a Garden Project?

Garden design. How to plan your garden – how to create a successful garden project? Where to start, what should be analysed, which aspects taken into consideration, how to make a beautiful design? A professional landscape architect shares her long-term experience in garden design.

The Words of a Tulips Bouquet

Tulips bouquets are a great gift, and they also bring a well-deserved reminder of spring after a long and cold winter. With a legend of passion and true love which stands beside them to prove their importance, tulips have many meanings that give them words, though they are unable to speak. Sometimes, the perfect meaning, however, is achieved when one creates his or her own bouquet, by combining colors.

Cool Garden Sails

Are you looking to shade a portion of your garden? Well look no further. While umbrellas work great for an outdoor dining setting you may want something bigger like garden sails or canopies to keep you out of the sun.

Helen and Scott Nearing: Sustainable and Balanced “Permaculture” Pioneers

Helen and Scott Nearing were pioneers in creating a sustainable and balanced “permaculture” lifestyle in the United States. Permaculture as defined by Australian permaculture pioneers, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, are care of the earth, care of the people and sharing the excess with others. These men defined the principles of permaculture in the 1970s. The Nearings’ began their permaculture journey in 1932 during the Great Depression.

Rock Gardens – Some Ideas to Get You Started

A rock garden (rockery) can transform even the most mundane garden into something quite spectacular. It can be a feature in its own right but its main purpose is as an arrangement in which the rocks merely provide a home for a display of really showy flowers.

Creating a Natural Garden Water Feature

Nature is irregular. She almost never does straight lines, so in designing a garden water feature, whether it be a pond or a stream, it is more aesthetically pleasing to go for an irregular shape with curves and bends and using round river rocks along the edges.

Growing Media Options to Keep in Mind for Your DIY Hydroponics System

Gardening in the DIY hydroponics approach might be as exciting as what you think it is. Even so, there are certain factors that you must think about to guarantee that your plants will reach their maximum growth potential.

4 Simple And Easy Tips On How To Maintain Garden Furniture

The finely crafted garden furniture you purchased recently is chic and elegant and lends a touch of sophistication to your beautiful garden. However, if you want it to retain its aesthetic appeal, durability and level of comfort for a lengthy period, it’s important that you take steps to maintain your furniture on a regular basis. This article will reveal 4 simple and easy tips that will help you do just that!

Preparing an Allotment – Clearing Tall Grass and Weeds With a Scythe

A scythe is great tool for clearing tall grass and weeds that others wise would need a noisy electric or petrol driven strimmer or a lot of back breaking work with a grass hook. The scythe is an ancient tool replaced by horse-drawn and now tractor based reapers, but it is still used in some areas of Europe and Asia.

Revealed: The Single Most Important Thing To Consider When Buying Garden Furniture

As you may know, furniture that’s placed outdoors in the garden is exposed to much harsher conditions than the ones placed indoors. That’s why it’s crucial you pick the right type of garden furniture. Make a wrong selection and you just might find yourself making your way into a store a couple years later to purchase a brand new set. Make the right choice and you’re likely to have garden furniture that will not only withstand the elements, but will also retain its aesthetic appeal and last for a long time to come.

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