Intercropping from Spring into Summer

What Is Lawn Sand

Lawn sand is a traditional chemical grass treatment that has been used by gardeners and professional green keepers for many decades. It remains popular because it is still one of the most cost effective lawn fertilizers and moss killers available on the market. It has three key ingredients, 1.

Birds In The Garden

Many gardeners have a love/hate relationship with birds. They love that birds will eat insects, build nests and bring their lovely songs into the garden. The downside to having these winged creatures in the garden is the likelihood that they will eat fruit and vegetables.

How I Became the Local Plant Doctor As a Child of 13

This article explains how I went from being a child with a mild interest in houseplants to one who the local women trusted to revive their own plants. When I was a child someone gave me a coleus for a gift. I was excited to be entrusted with the care of houseplant, and dtermined to make sure it thrived so I bought a book and learned how.

Bombs Away With Seed Bombs

Seed bombing has been popular in urban areas for some time. But the idea is applicable for other areas as well. Children especially seem to enjoy the fun of making and planting seed bombs so it can be a great family project.

Supplies That Will Help Your Aquaponics System Succeed

To ensure success for your aquaponics system there are a number of aquaponics supplies you have to examine. You should choose the proper supplies to set up your aquaponics garden. The right equipment will help your system grow healthy fish and vegetables in the future.

Hydroponics – How About Starting Your Own Hydroponic Garden?

Let’s begin by answering the question what is hydroponics? Well, hydroponics is a progressed way of cultivating plants with the use of a solution full of nutrients; with this new technique of cultivating the use of dirt or soil is excluded. If you love to garden but face several problems such as limited space, pests or unsuitable weather conditions then hydroponics is your answer.

Grow Giant Marconi Sweet Peppers

I have a new favorite sweet pepper to grow. It’s the ‘Giant Marconi’. Here’s why I like it so much, and how you can grow it too.

Need A New Shed For Christmas?

Are you sure that your shed will last another Winter? The past couple of years has seen some of the harshest Winters for 40 years in the UK and it looks very likely that we are in for another harsh one this year.

Top 5 Lawn Care Tips

A garden lawn should be lush and green, and in order to get it that way and keep it that way, a bit of forward planning is required. Having a beautiful lawn doesn’t need to take up a lot of time, but it does require a bit of effort. Read on for 5 top tips in creating a lush green lawn, and how to keep it that way.

Urban Farming: Grow Microgreens All Year Around In Recycled Containers

One crop that’s quick and easy to grow is microgreens. Urban and suburban farmers can grow these nutritious greens year around in very little space. How? By planting them in pie plates or other containers.

Turn Gardens Into Paradise With Reliable Lawn Service Experts

Maintaining a garden can be easier and more effective with the help of lawn service experts. These experts can provide you with the ideal solution that can help make your gardens more luxurious and appealing.

3 Great Insects You Want In Your Garden

In order to control the bad pests in your garden, it is important to increase the number of beneficial insects in your garden. Here are three insects that you want in your garden, and tips to help introduce them into your garden.

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