Interplanting Technique to Get MORE Harvests Out of the SAME Space

Give Your Party a New Look With Party Canopy!

As the weather gets pleasant and the holiday season begins, people start planning for family gatherings and other social events. Such gatherings are of immense importance because they give people a chance to get a break from their daily hectic schedule and spend some pleasant moments with their loved ones. There are many people who do not even have proper items to host such gatherings but they still do.

Why Do Poinsettia Plants Only Live Through the Christmas Season (or So It Seems)?

Poinsettia plants (Christmas star, lobster plant or Mexican flame leaf) have become an essential element of the Christmas scene. If you look at the alternate name for the poinsettia plant, the Mexican flame leaf is year-round as the name implies, so with that fact in mind, the poinsettia plant is not only a Christmas plant, but a year-round plant with the proper care.

Drying Of Herbs

Although it is always preferable to use fresh rather than dried herbs, there are times when fresh may not be available and dried herbs from last seasons crop need to be used as a substitute for fresh herbs. Having said that, let me also say that properly dried herbs certainly offer a very viable and tasty alternative; especially when faced with a no herbs or dried herbs choice. It is not difficult to dry herbs for future use when done correctly.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Gardening – 6 Problems New Gardeners May Face

Problems arise in any new project and geodesic dome greenhouse gardening is no exception. These can be minimized with proper education and prevention.

Solar Garden Lighting: Plenty of Choices for You

Solar lighting is powered by the energy derived from the rays of the sun. Since this is a renewable source of energy, it is available in plenty. People prefer solar lighting in their garden not only because it is an eco friendly method, but also it is highly economical.

How to Use Worm Castings

There are so many things that you can do with worm castings. But first off, you’ll have to know how these are made before you go right ahead to using them on your garden or farm (the how to use factor that is). Now as an introduction, worm castings are recognized as the most valuable kind of fertilizer that has been made organically (contains a lot of essential minerals). Earthworms that are typically used for composting help breakdown organic wastes into a nutrient-rich kind of compost.

Three Of The Most Crucial Items Every Indoor Farmer Needs To Start A Grow Room

Growing plants takes skills, patience and recognition of plant physiology to ensure plants grow to their full mature size. Horticulturists choose to grow their plants either indoors using LED lights or outside with normal sunlight and a natural environment. You may have plenty of room inside to grow your favorite plants, but some plants are not suited for indoor growing because of how high these plants spring up. The perks of growing an indoor plant are obvious: no troubles due to insects, sufficient nutrients and sunlight and a temperature controlled environment. Before you run off and begin your own grow room, you need a couple of items to operate a successful indoor operation.

Orchid Care Instructions – Keeping Up With The Jones’ Orchids

When growing orchids there is no one specific system to fit all the types and species. That is why it is important to study and research what fits best for your chosen plant. Having the best orchid care instructions for your plant will ensure its health and have it flowering beautifully.

24 Composting Terms Defined

When I started thinking about what I could do with my vegetable scraps from the house I did a little research. What I found was information about making compost. However there were many terms some of which are used one way by a writer and another way by another writer.

Caring for Roses During 4 Different Seasons

Caring for roses is pretty easy if you just know what to do. All throughout the year you must know how to take care of them during each season, and then to be prepared for the succeeding season, and so on. Below are guides you can follow to achieve success in caring for roses.

Effective Ways to Creating a Butterfly Garden

If you’re looking for an interesting hobby to embark on, then you might want to consider getting into building a butterfly garden. Creating a butterfly garden can be both fulfilling and exciting. Not only has it been considered as one of many popular hobbies nowadays, it has also brought about so much joy and appeal to those who are experiencing it.

Home Vermicomposting: The Best Worms for the Job

It makes you think that out of a hundred or so worm species, what would be the best worms for composting? Lucky for you, your question has already been provided with answers. Typically, when it comes to home vermicomposting, you can go straight to using red wiggler worms or night crawler worms. These two worm types have always been at the top of everyone’s list, especially when it comes to composting, fishing, or even trading (as these worms are also quite the saleable items).

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