It’s Pruning Time!

Pergola Plans – Build Your Own

When thinking of building a pergola in your backyard or pool area, the first thing you need to determine is how you would like the entire thing to look like when it is finished. You can achieve this with the use of pergola plans.

Knockout Roses – The Rose for Beginners

The Knockout Rose is the perfect rose plant for the beginning rose gardener. The species offers a unique set of characteristics that make it less susceptible to the normal diseases and pests that plague regular rose bushes.

Start Your Own Rose Bush From Scratch

You don’t have go out and spend a pile of money to start your own rose garden. Most rose gardeners are happy to share cuttings and are enthusiastic about seeing beginners get off to a good start. This article shows how to start your own rose garden from cuttings.

Spring Time and Garden Waste Bins

With spring around the corner it is a good time to begin preparing the garden for the warmer months. At this time of year a lot of garden waste can have built up over the winter and not only can it take a lot of work to get things in order, a decent gardening bin is required to get rid of the waste. Increasingly, local councils are insisting that garden waste is disposed of separately to household waste, this is because it is degradable and can be used to make mulch, compost and other organic materials used in agriculture.

Spring Time and Eco Gardening Tips

The cold weather looks as if it is finally receding which means spring time is just around the corner and its time to begin thinking about the garden. At this time of year there can be a lot of garden waste to contend with and many of us are tempted to just chuck it all in the bin; however, there are other ways of getting rid of waste from the garden. As garden waste is organic, it doesn’t cause the problems that household waste does as it quickly rots away and doesn’t clog up landfills; however, it can also…

Five Tips to Growing a Healthy Grapevine

Growing a grapevine can be a very satisfying experience and a lucrative business undertaking. Just imagine harvesting your own grapes that will then be served as your wine after dinner! You certainly would take pride in saying and claiming that the glass of wine served at your dining table comes from your efforts and the sweat of your own labor.

How To Have The Best Garden Design

Having a beautiful garden can add peace and tranquility to any home and is certainly pleasing to the eye. It must be wonderful to hear friends and family comment on your pristine grounds. Your garden design can reflect and compliment your personal style and taste of your home environment.

Some Garden Hose Basics To Help You Make Great Choices That Will Serve You A Long Time

Garden hoses are very basic items that nearly all homeowners and gardeners need yet very little attention is usually paid to them. Going to the local discount store and buying the cheapest one may or may not be the best option. With hoses you usually get what you pay for, and a cheapie may not last long at all. I consider them essentially disposable hoses, although I do recycle them for other purposes as well.

Gardening Jobs for Early 2011

The early part of the year can be both exciting and frustrating for gardeners. There are signs of new life stirring everywhere but bad weather often makes working outdoors unpleasant or even impossible. There’s no point in trying to fight against nature. The best plan is to do what you can outside on mild days, and reserve indoor gardening tasks for when it’s cold or wet.

Start a Spring Garden Now – Using Seeds and Bulbs Inside, For Beautiful Plants by Spring

With the seasons changing soon, and Spring creeping up quickly, now is the time to plan for full garden of flowers and vegetables. And the best part of all is it’s all fairly inexpensive, requiring just a small amount of time on your part to complete, along with being very easy to maintain until Spring.

Bonsai Tree Tools for Care and Maintenance

This article presents and explains all of the tools necessary for Bonsai tree growing and maintenance. It gives instruction on how to utilize the tools as well as suggestions about which tools to spend more money on and which lesser quality, and therefore less costly, tools are acceptable. In addition, the article gives a rough guide about how the Bonsai is shaped through the explanation of all of the tool’s uses. Also recommendations for the selection and use of shaping wire are given.

Your Rooftop Garden Guide

Not enough space in your garden for everything you’d like to be in it? Or perhaps you are one of those unlucky people who have no outside space. In this case, you should be considering a rooftop garden.

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