It’s Time To Plant The Self-Watering Containers

Why You Should Not Fertilize Your Lawn This Spring

I think the first thing I should say is that less is more and that is true in terms of fertilizing your lawn. That is not true if you look at it from the point of big business they want you to use more or they make less.

Growing Flowers From Bulbs

Growing bulb flower plant is different from other non-bulb flowers, since they are grown from their underground roots cut into seed pieces and germinated for multiplication to produce new plant. These are hardy plants and doesn’t need a special care to manage them. Many of the bulb flowers does need too much attention once they start to develop and fully established. The advantage of growing this type of flower is the thrive with little care and will produce flowers every year.

5 Culinary Herbs Every Chef Should Grow

Before you start your potted herb garden there are 5 culinary herbs every chef should grow, and you may want to make sure they’re on your list too. These herbs have been chosen based on their versatility in the kitchen and there benefits to the body and are discussed here in no particular order.

Impish Impatiens! Or Very Busy Lizzies!

The Busy Lizzies are charming, easy to grow and can handle growing in sun or shade! How much simpler could gardening be? You will find these growing everywhere, but they do not become a pest at all, quite the contrary they can lead hard lives and still smile.

Vanda Orchids – 5 Potting Tips Your Vandas Will Love

If you decided to grow vanda orchids, then you know it is not an easy task. These types of orchids require a little bit more orchid care compared to other species. To help you with these here are 5 essential you need to know about potting vanda orchids.

Beautiful Begonias!

Growing beautiful begonias is no small feat but it is certainly achievable. Some of the beautiful tuberous,bedding begonias and tree begonias for your garden or home.

Leaf Mulch: An Organic Wonder

Mulching is the practice of covering the soil for two major purposes: to retain its moisture and to prevent weeds from growing. Mulching also gives additional nutrition to plants and it reduces erosion. Use your leaf mulch for a thriving garden.

Different Types Of Roses For Your Rose Garden

If you are going on your first date or celebrating your 10-year anniversary, or proposing for marriage, roses can be the best and perfect gift to complement any romantic occasion. Roses provide a certain impression of stylishness and class that can really impress your partner. With roses, many of you can easily express your feelings, love and thoughts to your loved ones.

Solving Zucchini Growing Problems

The zucchini plant is easy to grow. That’s why you see it in almost every home garden. Although it’s easy growing plant, the zucchini have his own problems. Pest, insects and diseases are integral parts of the zucchini growing’s which I will expand later in this article.

Appealing Climbers!

Climbers always have so much appeal both from a gardener’s perspective, they are usually easy to look after and grow extremely quickly in a place that fulfills their every need. As their name suggests they do need suitable supporting structures to allow them to climb or sprawl out. They are great to have in a small garden because of the fact that they go upwards instead of out.

Butterflies Are Both Beautiful And Valuable

If the butterfly should ever disappear what a huge loss it would be. I can’t even imagine what it would be like, to never see them fluttering colorfully around the garden. We can all help to ensure they will be around for generations to come by planting the flowers they require for survival.

Advice For Selecting The Best Grow Lights

When searching for the best grow lights there are few considerations that must be taken into account. What you will be growing beneath the light and where you will be growing it are two of the main concerns. What sort of unit the light will be housed in and if it will need to be raised or lowered during the growing cycle must all be thought about along with if the unit will need to be set to an automatic timer.

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