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How to Water Different Orchid Types

Orchids come from all over the world and from very different environments. Their consumption of water not only differs from one orchid to another but also from one season to another. Below I will give a general watering guide for the most popular orchid types.

Rule of Thumb – Watering of Your Orchids

An important factor in caring for your orchids is making sure they are properly watered and get enough humidity. Watering is good but too much water is not good for your orchids. Since fertilizer is usually in liquid form, an orchid grower needs to be conscientious of how much water and food the orchids are getting.

The Most Common Types of Orchids to Buy

When deciding what orchids to buy, we need to understand the fundamental types of orchids, the species and hybrids that belong to each distinctive type and the environmental conditions that are necessary if we are to successfully cultivate our chosen orchid plant. Although there are an estimated 25,000 different species of orchids and more than 100,000 hybridised varieties, there are really only 3 distinct types of orchids, those being Terrestrials, Epiphytes and Lithophytes.

Using Fish Emulsion For Natural Fertilizer For Philippine Flower Farms

The Philippine flower farm uses a lot of fish emulsion as natural fertilizer. Fish emulsion has high organic nitrogen. It’s a great soil conditioner and provides bacterial food to feed the soil’s microherd. How do you make the Fish Emulsion?

Container Herb Gardening Secrets

Good planning for your container garden will help you create a very functional garden that will amaze and astonish your neighbors and friends. Herb growing is not just about planting. You also have to be creative to make your garden functional.

Best Soil For Tomatoes – The Facts

Ahh the best soil for tomatoes… here is a fun topic. Go onto any gardening forum and post a question along these lines and look at the results. It would seem that everyone has a sure-fire favourite recipe.

Facts About an Herb Garden

In the olden times, herbs are already very popular and all the more useful for people in those times. This fact is traceable in ancient Egypt and in ancient China and also during the medieval years. Growers of herbs benefits so much from it because it is very useful. Usually, they are used as food flavoring. You can make a good drink, like tea, out of it.

Organic Gardening Products

For those who have failed to notice, the world is really steering toward all-natural and organic products. This is partially due to the havoc synthetic products are wreaking on the environment. However, it is also due to the negative effect chemicals and synthetic components are having on humans. So many people have noticed how much their health is deteriorating due to foods, products, and pollution. Anyway, this is what brings us to organic gardening products.

Orchid Problems – Pests and Disease – Prevention is Better Than Cure (Part 2)

In this part of the article on orchid problems I talk about orchid disease and how to deal with it. By keeping your growing area clean you can reduce the occurrence of many problems caused by pests and disease. you can also minimize the effects of these problems by maintaining correct orchid care procedures.

How to Plant Potatoes Wisely

Nothing is wiser than panting fruits, vegetables, and all sorts of tubes and herbs in your backyard. Even at the age of technology and bad food, there are still many health enthusiasts out there who promote healthy diet, particularly the Mediterranean Diet. As far as potatoes are concerned, many people think this is bad for the health because they associate it with French fries. However, the fact of the matter is that potatoes are rich in dietary fiber. It has 2710 milligrams of dietary fiber that will help promote good digestion.

Creating a Memorial Garden

When my mother passed away, my father created a beautiful memorial garden for her. A memorial garden is a tribute to someone who has died, which offers a place for members of the family or friends to remember and also to heal.

Benefits of Growing Your Garden Using LED Grow Lights

Regardless of the season or the weather outdoors, LED (light emitting diode) plant lights can make indoor gardening easier and much more economical. Since natural sunlight streaming through a window can be hit or miss in helping plants grown indoors thrive, using LED grow lights helps indoor gardens and plants to grow at a steady pace. Unlike incandescent or florescent plant lights, LED lights do not contain toxic metals and are cool to operate.

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