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Greenhouses Don’t Have to Be Expensive

There are many options available to anyone wishing to grow their own produce. Not everyone has the perfect spot to put in a garden and others may have a problem keeping rabbits or other kritters out of their garden. Be creative and learn how to do things outside the box.

Lawn Service Prices – What’s Included

Most of us have a lawn that we maintain ourselves but sometimes circumstances arise and we need to hire someone to take care of our yard for us. There is no difference in the questions that need to be asked when taking into consideration of hiring a lawn service compared to hiring a plumber except the subject to obtain Lawn Service Prices.

3 Simple Tips For Successful Container Gardening

Spring is just around the corner. Is anyone as relieved and excited as I am? And what better way to celebrate spring’s arrival than by talking about some very creative ways to container garden this season.

Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree

Most bonsai trees will have a single well defined trunk, with well delineated branch structures. The Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai is an exception to that rule. This plant, which is native to Malaysia, has what appears to be multiple trunks that are closely grouped together.

Spring Weed Control

Weeds are remarkable plants that will quickly colonise any bare patch of soil. As soon as the weed seeds start to germinate during the first mild spell of the season it is time to act fast.

My Tomatoes Won’t Turn Red!

Are you a tomato grower frustrated that your tomatoes won’t turn red when you expect them to? There are several possible explanations for this phenomenon. The aim of this article is to outline the main causes of non-ripening tomatoes, and to provide some solutions.

Healthy Gardening – Landscaping Your Garden With Blueberry Bushes is Easy and Delicious

Landscaping is a creative and exciting opportunity to provide a sort of “eye candy” for your garden, or to create our own private get away from the world setting. Whether it be a lush backyard or an intimate patio design landscaping can create a personal intimate setting, or even set the character of your home. Many people when landscaping think mainly of using ornamental plants, but edible landscaping can provide an alternative to traditional residential landscapes that you see in most home settings.

Gardening With Children – 5 Tips to Consider – Part 1

There are many important tips to remember when gardening with young children. Here are the first 5 Tips to help you, watch out for another 5 Tips coming soon.

Container Gardening – Herbs

Many herbs will grow easily in containers and only require minimal care from you the gardener so here are a few tips. Basil is especially useful in the kitchen so why not test your green thumb?

Basil – King of Herbs

Basil is easy to grow, but it doesn’t like cooler weather, it will thrive in any sunny, well drained location. Basil prefers light sandy or loam soils, with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Why not give it a try?

How to Prune and Trim Bonsai Trees

New growth occurs on your bonsai tree every year and if you want to style your tree properly it is vital that you learn how to trim and prune your tree in the correct way, therefore you must prepare yourself with the correct tools and techniques for trimming your tree. So you’ll need to learn how to remove unwanted branches by cutting them off and by pinching and twisting off new growths.

Tomato Blossom Drop – Causes and Prevention

Tomato blossom drop is one of the most common problems associated with growing tomatoes. The plant sets blossoms only for them to drop off before any fruit is formed.

Indoor Herb Gardens – Three Top Tips to a Successful Yield

Not having a garden does not mean that you cannot have fresh, home grown herbs. There is a common misconception that herbs are hard to grow indoors. Here are our top three tips to making your indoor herb gardens a success.

Vegetable Garden Design Ideas – Raised Bed Gardening

One of my favorite vegetable garden design ideas is the raised bed gardening method. Lovely to look at and easy to construct, raised beds are the most practical form of gardening for many people and they instantly transform the most mundane vegetable garden into a decorative asset. Constructed a few inches above ground level, waist high or terraced with different heights for a more decorative look, raised beds are suitable for any type of flower, herb or vegetable garden.

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