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Double Knockout Rose – Adding Beauty to the Garden Without Any Additional Maintenance

A double knockout rose is a rose that flowers from a small bushy shrub rose-plant. The flower is called the double knockout rose because of the volume of the flower, which gives it the appearance of two flowers blooming at the same time.

Hanging Baskets

A brief guide to choosing the right hanging baskets and the right plants to go in them. You’ll find a range of baskets and accessories on the enduring gardener website. There’s also tips and gadgets to help make your hanging baskets a glowing success.

The Secret To Keeping Your Orchid’s Roots Healthy

Treat your orchid’s roots the way they grow in the wild. This article explains how orchid roots grow in their natural habitat and provides guidelines to key factors such as watering, daylight, humidity, fertiliser and potting medium for creating the ideal conditions to growing a healthy indoor orchid.

October Gardening Ideas and Tips

Unpredictable Southern California weather that can quickly turn from extreme heat to chilly cold can leave gardeners unsure about how to plant or maintain their gardens. Regardless of weather conditions, a variety of vegetables, trees, shrubs and bedding plants are ready for planting and tending in October.

Information on the History of Grape Growing

The grape is a marvelous fruit that can be eaten raw or made into jelly, vinegar, juice, jam, raisins, grape seed oil, grape seed extracts, and wine. The fruit was domesticated in what is now southern Turkey.

Plenty To Do To Keep Yards Beautiful in Fall

While summer gardens and annuals begin to fade in fall, there is still plenty gardening to do to keep backyards looking beautiful and vegetable gardens productive. Prepare Garden Soil For Fall Planting: Remove weeds and remnants of older plants from the soil. Loosen the soil and mix in compost.

Lifestyle-Friendly Gardening With Hydroponics

Hydroponic gardening is a great way to enjoy gardening in any environment, and is good for your ecosystem. There are 3 main benefits with hydroponic gardening: cost, efficiency, and flexibility.

Ideas About Gardening Equipment

No matter how long you have been gardening a few months or 50 years every gardener has some kind of gardening equipment that they use. My tool shed has a pretty extensive collection.

Selecting Herb Garden Kits for Beginners

ย  Even if you are a beginner gardener, an herb garden can be the best start for even the worst green thumb. Herb garden kits for beginners can make your first try at herb gardening even easier. Take a look at the kit selections at your local nursery or garden center.

Chaenomeles – How to Grow a Flowering Quince

The Ornamental Quince, or Chaenomele, is an outstanding plant to add to the garden. Plants are low maintenance and generally need very little care making them ideal for the novice or time limited gardener. Ornamental quince have spiny branches making them ideal for adding security to boundaries, small green leaves and their flowers range from white to scarlet.

Praying Mantis As A Beneficial Biological Control

A praying mantis, or praying mantid, is a fascinating insect. While many people tout them as a beneficial biological control I have my doubts about the effectiveness of them as opposed to other predatory insects such as green lacewings and lady beetles.

Fresh Flowers To Light Up Your Life

Here is something that will look great in someone’s home and can brighten up their rooms, but at the same time won’t take up too much space or be permanent. Yes, they are flowers. This is great for the person who seems to have everything as if you were to get an ornament for someone with an already cluttered house you would risk them not having any space for it, or having to display it on their side board or windowsill when in reality they can’t stand the site of it – which isn’t good for anyone.

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