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5 Plants That Love the Shade

Gardeners with little access to sun will be pleased to know that there are hundreds of beautiful plants that require little more then a spot in the shade to grow. Foxgloves, also known as Digitalis, are a genus of herbaceous perennials.

Growing Job’s Tears – Next Year’s Crop of Beads Goes Into the Ground!

Here’s a detailed, step by step description of how to grow your own Job’s Tears seeds, from seed to bead. Job’s Tears are the tear-shaped seeds of a grain plant, much like a small, skinny corn, or a really robust rye. They are a lovely, variegated dove gray and grow with a natural hole through the middle and a naturally shiny coating, completely ready, as harvested, to use as a bead!

Orchid Types, an Almost Limitless Amount

There are many orchid types, almost too many to categorize, even today it is not unheard of to discover new orchid species. At the highest level are there are two types of orchids.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer and Grass Care

As a full time landscaper for a number of years, I tried as much as possible to use organic lawn fertilizer to keep grass healthy and green. In many regions of the country, rainfall is scarce, and because of that things like weed killer and fertilizer accumulate over many months and then are suddenly washed into the storm drain on the first big rain, causing hazardous conditions at beaches for swimmers and beach goers. That’s pretty sad if you ask me, especially when there are a lot of alternatives to weed killer and fertilizer that are organic and friendly to…

Organic Weed Killer Tips

Killing weeds using organic weed killer is usually pretty effective and friendly to the environment. Try out these tips and see what you think.

Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Care

The ginseng ficus bonsai is a very popular ficus bonsai and one of the easiest bonsai to care for if you are planning to grow a bonsai indoors. This ficus has thick trunks and strong roots that make it one of the hardiest plants to bonsai. If you are interested in the bonsai hobby, I would strongly recommend starting with this tree.

Which Orchid Pots Are The Right Ones For Your Orchids?

Orchids are amazing plants that can be grown in a wide range of different ways. Here is information about the many different types of orchid pots and receptacles to grow orchids in or on and which species of orchids are most suited to them.

Have You Noticed These 3 Warning Signs of an Ineffective Compost Pile?

Nothing is more annoying that having a neglected compost pile due to not knowing how to fix it. This article will go over the most common difficulties people face, and reveal the solutions to get you back on track.

Garden Tool Racks – The Good and the Bad

All professionals know that having a well-organized toolbox is a huge boon to their productivity, but you do not need to be a pro for this to apply. Anyone who spends any considerable amount of time gardening can similarly benefit from having their tools easily available to them, and there are also real safety benefits to not having rakes and hoes lying all over the garage floor, waiting for someone to stand on them and impale their foot! A really useful device for helping in this kind of situation is something called a garden tool rack.

Why Grow Your Herbs In Containers? – Some Guidelines For Herb Gardens In Small Spaces

Even the beginner gardener can grow a few herbs in containers. It’s a very cost effective way to start your own Home Herb Garden. It is also very rewarding to see and use your own home-grown produce knowing that it is healthy and free from pesticides.

Shade Garden Flowers And Decor Ideas

Have you looked outside lately and wondered if there is anything you can do to beautify your shade garden? There are a variety of shade garden flowers and decor to choose from to give your outdoor space some pizazz.

Intensive and Extensive: The Two Major Types of Green Roof

From extensive green roofs, which feature a thin layer of soil and succulent plants such as sedums, to intensive green roofs, which feature much deeper soil, added irrigation, and accommodate a much more diverse range of plants, this article lays out the basics of these two main green roof varieties. The shallower, extensive variety is best suited for homeowners looking for low cost, quick installation and low ongoing maintenance requirements. Those wishing to recreate the look and feel of a ground-level garden on their roofs will want to opt for the more labor- and maintenance-demanding intensive sort.

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