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Gardening Design on a Budget

How often have you flipped through home and garden magazines, staring at the lovely well landscaped gardens thinking how costly it must be to get these gardens set up and maintain? On the contrary, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can actually achieve the same well manicured lawn in an economical way, by following some of these tips:

Caring For Orchids is Easy

Follow these simple steps and you are well on the way to having orchids that will bloom for many weeks. Find how too much of this or not enough of that can kill your plants.

3 Great Tips For Growing Beautiful Orchids

Grow beautiful orchids easily and correctly. This article gives you 3 important tips you’ll need to know to grow and care for your orchids. These quick tidbits will tell you what you need to ensure your orchids grow healthy.

Simple Pruning Tips For Growing Miniature Roses

Another important thing you need to know about pruning is that you will be encouraging them to grow new stems, twigs or buds. However, when you cut way too much far below than what is required, the growing will take a longer time. Each miniature rose variety has their own special pruning requirement such as how often will you be pruning your plant and how much will you be taking out to make it grow more beautifully as you have sculpted it.

Herb Garden Kits – The “Plug & Play” Solution

Herb garden kits are priceless for anyone wanting to start a herbal garden by themselves and lack the experience and also often the confidence. They come in a vast variety from basic to deluxe and the all provide you with seeds and a good instructions. The key denominator of the kits is that they take the large chunk of the guesswork out of the process, ensuring you a healthy and booming herb garden and are an excellent option for “newbies” or for those with limited to no outdoor space to cultivate them.

All About Tomatoes

Tomatoes are loved and enjoyed by many people around the world, and is actually known as the most popular fruit is in the world. This popular garden vegetable is characterized as a fruit in botany but eaten as a vegetable in practice. Tomatoes were first planted by the Incas and Aztecs in 700AD and then introduced to the European by explorers who were returning from Mexico.

Repair Your Own Lawn

Areas that receive constant wear, such as under children’s play equipment or at the bottom of steps on to a lawn, need to be reinforced if they are going to cope. If the lawn is used as a shortcut to another part of the garden consider incorporating stepping stones to take the impact. Where children’s play equipment cannot be moved to spread the wear and tear around, reinforce the grass with heavy duty plastic mesh. Cut the grass short, and then peg the mesh down over the area so that it is held completely flat. Allow the grass to grow up through the mesh over the winter.

5 Common Layouts For an Organic Vegetable Garden

There are many different ways in which you can grow organic vegetables, whether you have space to spare or can only manage to fit in a few pots you can still grow delicious vegetables. These are 5 of the most common layouts that you could use for your garden.

Repairing Your Lawn

Many lawns receive a lot of wear, especially during the summer months. Fortunately, the autumn is an ideal time to make repairs. Use the following techniques to tackle humps and hollows, badly draining soil, bare patches, broken edges and areas that are simply worn out. When an uneven lawn is cut the high points will show up as light green because the grass is being cut too short and the low points as dark green patches. If the problem is widespread, you would be better off top dressing the whole lawn, but if you have just a few isolated bumps or hollow you can cure them using the following technique.

How to Make Organic Compost

Making your own compost is a wonderful way to use your household waste to turn your patch of dirt into a productive patch of land. In this article I’ll explain how to make organic compost, and how to apply it when its ready.

Design Your Garden

Gardening was practiced since the beginning of time. It was a source of life but also a pleasure. Along the years the idea of gardening was developed and enlarged. The necessity of gardening led to agriculture, the pleasure to practice it introduced the idea of natural decorations and design.

MH Grow Light Systems

Your lighting system is one of the most important, and most expensive aspects to your grow system. Having a good grow light system can make or break the quality of your end product. Today, we are going to discuss MH light systems.

Saving Money on Lawn Care

Having a stunning lawn on a summer or fall should not cost you any money as long as you are aware of the basic factors that are related to lawn care. The only requirement to this is that you devote some time and effort to perform lawn care tasks. One of the basic essentials in having a great lawn is mowing.

Caring For Your Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

It is a good idea to organise your raised bed vegetable garden in such a way that it does not require hours of maintenance. By following some simple guidelines your raised garden will be easy to care for while at the same time produce a bountiful harvest.

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