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Plants to Do Specific Jobs For Your Garden

However difficult a soil or situation may be it is usually possible to find some plants that will grow in it. But this is only one way of dealing with this problem. Another is to improve the condition that is causing the difficulty and so widen the selection of plants that can be used successfully.

Growing Medicinal Herbs – Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most common medicinal herbs that you can grow in your garden. It is fairly easy to grow and with its many uses, especially as a medicinal herb, it definitely is a valuable addition to your home herb garden.

Health Benefits of Pawpaw

The pawpaw plant is a native of South America, where it was cultivated since Pre-Columbian times. There are 22 plants and trees in the pawpaw genus; the famous of which is carica papaya. Pawpaw is one of God’s wonderful gifts to humanity. It is a pharmacy in its own right. We all eat it and enjoy its sweet and pleasant taste but how many of us know the medicinal value? Pawpaw improves the digestion of protein and expels worms.

Bedding Plants in Your Garden

Bedding out means putting plants in the garden for a limited period only, while they are able to contribute most to the display, and then replacing them with other plants. Spring bedding plants are those that make this display from March to May; summer bedding plants those that continue from June to September. There are also some plants that make their peak display in May and June and so provide a useful link between spring and summer. In public parks and large gardens, winter bedding with evergreen plants is also occasionally practised, but this is seldom attempted in small gardens

Potato Growing Hints

Some hints on how to grow potatoes to get the most from your crop. Potatoes are quite simple to grow once you know what chitting is and earthing up.

Trees For Your Garden

Trees can make or mar a garden. Too many of them, or unsuitable kinds, can rob the garden of light and the soil of food and moisture, making it impossible to grow anything else well. But a few well-placed and well-chosen trees can give a garden distinction and provide welcome summer shade

Watering and Feeding During Spring Time

Watering is essential for container grown specimens, especially if other bedding plants have been added to the scheme. Take special care with hanging baskets, which tend to dry out quickly, and with window boxes, which often receive little rainfall. Border bulbs, corms and so forth will normally receive adequate natural rainfall, although in exceptionally dry seasons they may benefit from additional moisture.

The Art of Rose Growing

Roses are the most popular of all flowers. They captivate gardeners by the variety of their colours, shapes and perfumes, the ease with which they can be grown, the freedom with which they flower. A great industry has grown up in the production of rose bushes for gardens and also in the breeding of new roses both to meet the demand for novelty and also to replace old favourites that have become less satisfactory with age.

Growing Wisteria Floribunda As a Bonsai

Wisteria floribunda makes a uniquely interesting bonsai subject. With its character trunk and spectacular blooming Wisteria makes a premium bonsai subject. Pay attention to your fertilizer use and try not to promote rank vine growth. Wisteria grows in Zones 2-24, almost no one is precluded from cultivating it as a bonsai.

Colourful Perennials For Your Garden

Most herbaceous perennials, like trees and shrubs, live for many years and do not have to be frequently renewed from seed or cuttings like annuals or many bedding (temporary display) plants. Unlike trees and shrubs they have soft stems which in many kinds die down in the autumn and grow again the following spring, though a few have evergreen leaves and an even smaller number grow in winter and die down in the summer. Not all herbaceous perennials are hardy in Britain but here we are only concerned with those that are.

Do You Need a Garden Hedge?

Hedges serve both a decorative and a utilitarian role in the garden. They can be used to give privacy and to keep out intruders, to separate one part of the garden from another or to provide a fine background for a border of flowers or a handsome ornament. They can be clipped in simple or elaborate shapes or they can be permitted to grow freely, an informal mode of treatment that suits flowering shrubs, including shrub roses. Formal hedges will need to be clipped from both sides so, if they are sited on the boundary, sufficient room must be left to give convenient access without trespassing on neighbouring property.

How to Take Care of Bulbs During Spring Time

Some of the summer flowering bulbs that were available in late winter will still be on sale, but choose those that are still plump and firm and have not been dried out by over exposure on the garden center shelves. As the spring progress, cannas, begonias and dahlias in growth will go on sale, but the choice of the color and sizes will be more restricted than if you had bought dormant tubers and rhizomes.

Caring For the Garden in Winter

The garden in winter may not look all that exciting at times. In Britain most things look dull and cheerless in winter, unless there is snow when everything looks pristine and while, but lacking in interesting details just the same. However, unless your garden is covered in two feet of snow, there’s a lot you can do in winter.

Finding the Right Greenhouse Heater

How to find the right greenhouse heater. The best greenhouse heaters to extend your growing season. Grow more in your greenhouse this year by using a greenhouse heater.

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