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Cold and Frost Tolerant Plants to Grow in Your Tropical Garden

It certainly is possible to grow tropical plants, or tropical-looking plants, in frost prone areas, as proven by many stunning tropical gardens. There are tropical plants which can actually handle frost, including some palms which can handle temperatures of up to -10 degrees! This article outlines some tropical plants that can handle frost or cold.

Garden, Deer, and Rabbit Fencing

Are you tired of deer’s or rabbits invading your valuable gardens and plants? Well if you are then all you require to keep them away is a fence.

How to Care For Your Mail Order Plants and Plants You Buy Online

Purchasing your plants from an online nursery, or via mail order is a very convenient way of gardening! You can conveniently shop for plants from your own home, and plants are delivered right to your doorstep.

The Art of Gardening

Gardens are no longer just places to grow plants, vegetables, or even fruit bearing plants and trees. Today’s gardens are places used for relaxation, exercise, and entertain family and friends. Gardening is no longer just for the green thumb or the expert gardener; it is also for the novice and the weekend warrior.

Creating the Perfect Soil – Grow Your Plants in the Best Soil Possible

Soil texture is governed by the size and make-up of the particles contained within the soil. Proper soil texture is needed for adequate root growth, water, oxygen retention and drainage.

Planning a Container Herb Garden

Herbs have a great range of climatic and soil preferences – from the hot sun and dry sandy soils favored by the herbs which have a Mediterranean origin like anise, basil and oregano, to the partial shade and rich, damp soil favored by plants like lovage and mint. While herbs vary as to whether they prefer sun or shade, most do like a sheltered spot, so if you can manage to put the container herb garden against your kitchen wall this will certainly help.

Garden Shed Materials – The Various Types and Their Unique Characteristics

Before you build your own shed, you must consider what type of material you are going to use so you see the durability, style, and the cost of the materials to be used in your shed. If ever the main concern is the elegance and style, use wood. If you want strength and durability, use metal. If you want it to be budget friendly, better to use vinyl. Here are some tips on learning the characteristics of the three materials:

The Mystery of Potager Gardens

An enjoyable article about the history of potager gardens and how today you can incorporate vegetables and flowers together to make a very interesting garden. In the Medieval period, herbs were used in medicines. Some worked, some didn’t but some are stilled used today, for example foxgloves. Potager gardens have lots of fascinating fokelore attached to them.

Is Hydroponics Better Than Soil?

First off, let me give you a definition of hydroponics: Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil, most often in a soil-less mix. That is a pretty general explanation of what hydroponics is, but that does truly cover the basis for what makes it hydroponics.

Many Reasons to Be Conscious of High Pollen Flowers

People all over the world, especially in Canada, have many reasons to be conscious of high pollen flowers that add to their allergy suffering when the temperatures outside begin to rise. Warmer weather means additional allergens and moulds brought on by pollen circulating in the air which comes from flowering plants, trees and shrubs.

A Guide to Growing Roses in Pots

Growing roses in pots is a great alternative for those with little space to spare. Contrary to popular belief, roses in pots do thrive in their cramped settings if the right amount of care is given right from the planting stage.

Taking Care of Your Own Easter Lily

The Easter lily also known as Lilium longiflorum has its origination in the southern islands of Japan. These days it’s used for everything from weddings to parties.

Integrating Calla Lily Centerpieces Into Your Event Planning

When planning an event there are a lot of things that need to be considered besides the calla lily centerpieces. The number of details involved can be overwhelming to say the least. The best way to approach this type of project is to start out organized.

Silk Calla Lilies Are Just As Beautiful As the Real Thing and Last Forever

When considering flowers for decoration, many choose silk calla lilies in place of fresh flowers. While fresh flowers are wonderful they have a definite negative aspect to them, that being shelf life.

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