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Gardening Advice For The Backyard Gardner

The calendar tells us that spring has arrived and it’s time to get outside. It’s time to let the sun shine and rake the lawn so the grass can turn a wonderful green. Everyone that you encounter will have a little gardening advice for the backyard gardener if you ask them.

Growing Hanging Tomatoes Is Ideal for Apartment Dwellers

If you live in a city or simply don’t have access to garden space for any reason, you can still exercise your green thumb and enjoy sweet, juicy delicious home grown tomatoes. The solution is growing hanging tomatoes from hanging pots or baskets. This article will explore all of your options to grow hanging tomatoes.

Garden Summer Techniques

Now is the time to enjoy the garden. Beds and borders will be filled with colorful blooms, and the vegetable garden will be producing a regular supply of crops. Continue feeding container plants unless you added a slow release fertilizer at planting time. Use a balanced feed for general use and a high potash fertilizer, such as tomato feed, for flowering and fruiting plants. You need to water the containers daily throughout the summer months. In borders, concentrate on new plants, which should not go short of water during their first growing season. Remove faded blooms from repeat flowering plants, such as roses.

Can I Grow A Tomato From Seed And How Do You Do It?

Growing your own tomato from seed is a joy and a very fulfilling experience. Here are some basic tips to help you start the right way and get the best results. It is not difficult to do, but the right steps and process need to be taken.

Growing A Tomato Garden Is Easy

Growing a tomato garden is a valuable and rewarding pastime. More importantly, if done correctly, you will have enormous supplies of fresh, sweet, juicy and delicious home grown tomatoes. You will find that home grown tomatoes simply “blow store bought tomatoes out of the water” when it comes to freshness and taste. This article will explore some excellent tips for growing tomatoes at home.

Tropical Plants and Plumeria Care in Temperate Climates

When it comes to growing tropical plants, including plumeria plants, some gardeners will tell you that these plants cannot be grown in temperate climates. Recently, I have been asked how tropical plants and plumerias can be grown in less than ideal conditions meaning outside their native subtropical and tropical climates.

Backyard Nursery – Turn Your Backyard Into a Nursery for Young Plants

The thought of starting a backyard nursery is one that has crossed many people’s minds, even without having practical experience already under their belt. Really what kind of experience do you need to have? A love of gardening, and doing something that you love to do, that’s a pretty good start.

Drought Tolerant Flowering Perennials

There are many drought tolerant flowering perennials available and with the right combination you can create a beautiful perennial garden that will flower from early spring until the first frost. Here are a few tips on how to achieve your dream garden with perennials.

How to Grow Your Own Rosemary

If you are the kind of person who loves to grow herbs in your garden, you will want to know how to grow your own Rosemary. This herb has been used for centuries in the best cuisine and also contains excellent medicinal properties. The leaves resemble pine needles and the flowers are white, pink, or blue, which make it not only an important addition to the herb garden so that you can use it in cooking, but a beautiful way to add more color there. Because it is a member of the mint family of plants, you will also be delighted with its wonderful fragrance.

Gardening in 2011

Are you ready to garden in 2011? Have you made up your garden plan for this year? Have you given any thought about how important your garden can be to you this year?

Growing Climbing Roses? Save Hours of Pruning

Expert tips that will save you hours and hours of pruning. Learn about the different varieties of climbing roses and how to choose which is best for you.

Gardening Lessons From My Childhood

As a child from a family of six children, I learned the importance of working in the garden and the responsibility of taking care of my section in the garden. One of the most important lessons I took away from that learning experience was that if you just put your mind to the chores that are given to you, you will be finished with them before you know it. It gives you a real sense of accomplishment to know you have done your part and helped out the other members of your family.

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