Laura’s Fave Perennials for 2020

How Garden Ponds Are Constructed

When built properly and solidly, a garden pond can make any garden look elegant and charming. A well-constructed pond will also last many years. Not only will it make your garden look aesthetically better, but it will also soon develop into a gathering place for the whole family.

The Basics Of Hydroponics

Hydroponic supplies are necessary for those keen to try the hydroponics methods of growing plants. Here the plants are typically cultivated in water solutions minus soil which ordinarily would have been responsible for capturing and absorbing minerals like potassium, nitrogen and the like. In hydroponic gardening, popularized by Dr. W.F. Gericke in 1937, the plant roots are directly immersed in water solutions or planted in sterile mediums where they are flooded frequently.

The Need for Professional Tree Care Advice

Tree care is a very important topic. It is much beyond just planting, watering and weeding. Quality tree care services can guide and help you understand tree care more efficiently. They can help you decide which trees will grow best on your property and make your surrounding look more appealing.

Growing Organic Rhubarb

If you’re starting rhubarb from seed, plant the seeds about 6 weeks before the last frost. Do note, though, if you plant from seeds rather than root stock, you’ll wait at least 2 years (1 additional year) to harvest your rhubarb roots.

Moth Gardens – Ten Flowering Plants That Attract Moths

There are at least 250,000 species of moths. In the United Kingdom many of the 2,500 species are declining, or becoming extinct, and the main reason for this is a loss of their habitat. The decline of moths will also have a knock-on effect to bats, birds and also mammals. So, how can we help preserve our moth numbers?

Short Buying Guide for Pole Saws

For many years I’d been using the same old pruning stick and eventually decided to look for a better pole saw for myself. After doing a little research I’ve found out that now I can choose both manual saws and more powerful electric or gas pole trimmers for heavier pruning jobs and the variety of all kinds of tools are really amazing. To make the better purchase I think you first need to estimate the amount of work you have to cope with in your yard.

Greenhouse Technique In The Summer

Tender bedding plants and vegetables raised under glass need to be hardened off before planting in the harsher conditions outside. This should start about two weeks before you plan to plant out. Make sure the greenhouse does not over heat by providing adequate ventilation and shading. Damping down may be necessary in hot, sunny weather. Tie in new growth on tomatoes and cucumbers and pinch out side shoots. Plants that are in containers will need watering several times a day in warm weather in the greenhouse. Make your life easier by installing an automatic watering system. Feed all actively growing plants with a suitable liquid feed.

Expert Tips on Planting Roses: Get Started Right!

We are going to be addressing three basic types of roses we plant. Bare root roses come wrapped with the roots protruding from the package…

Growing Roses From Cuttings? An Expert Makes It Simple For You

We all know how finicky roses can be when trying to grow them. But our expert advice will help you grow roses from cuttings easily and with minimum effort.

Growing Roses For Everyone

In springtime my thoughts go straight to what can I plant in my garden. I love to see roses in my garden I love their sheer beauty and the fragrance they give. And even though most people think they are difficult to grow – even beginners can grow beautiful roses. There are different varieties of roses they are: climbing roses, rose bushes, miniature roses. If you don’t have a garden to plant a rose bush then you can grow roses in containers.

Caring For Roses: Tips and Advice From Experts

You know the feeling, driving through the neighborhood; you turn the corner and see a gardener caring for roses, an amazing, pristine and well tended rose garden that causes you to pause. Your home can also be adorned with bright and vivid rose blooms all with just a little attention paid to your garden; I’m going to give you a few pointers to help make it easy for you.

Organic Rose Gardening: Learn How To Save Money By Going Organic

Organic rose gardening was the original method, you don’t need expensive gadgets to grow fantastic roses. Save money by following these great tips.

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