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Aquaponics – A Complete Ecosystem For Organic Gardeners

If you have been considering an organic garden, then you really should look into the advantages an aquaponic garden provides. Aquaponics is essentially a hydroponic garden done organically with the addition of a fish pond. It is a complete ecosystem that utilizes fish waste as organic food for the plants and adversely, the plants clean the water providing a safe environment for the fish.

Herb Garden Plants – Tarragon – the French Dragon

Tarragon propagates runners that can fill the garden and should be watched carefully. It is an attractive plant that has sword-like yellow/green leaves topping a bush capable of reaching about 75cm. An essential inclusion in your line-up of herb garden plants.

General Hydroponic Nutrients to Succeed in Hydroponic Gardening

General hydroponic nutrients are becoming more and more popular since most people choose to have hydroponic garden in their spare rooms and basements as a source of vegetables, flowers and other plants. And it is because of the reason that hydroponic gardening can allow everyone in any geographic locale experience the joy of gardening. But there are many other ways that this method of gardening benefits the gardeners personally.

Composter Accessories

When many people think of composting, they just think of tossing food scraps in a bin and letting them decompose. Read the rest to learn more.

The Secrets of the Nutrients Nitrogen, Phosporus, Potassium and How They Effect Plant Growth

This article explains what nutrients plants need to develop leaves, roots and flowers/fruit. It also discusses the value of using organic fertilisers and the nutrient value of animal manures and composts. The article goes onto explain how soil pH plays an important role in determining what nutrients are and are not available to plants and how to correct nutrient deficiencies.

How Composters Work

Composting is a completely natural process that happens to anything that is made of organic materials. Read the rest to learn more.

Christmas Flowers – Colors and Traditions of the Holiday Season

Frog watering cans, flowered wellingtons, garden organizers? Unique gifts for friends and family at prices that make sense.

Herb Garden Plants – Bulbinella – Better Than Aloe Vera?

Bulbinella has long been considered the pharmocopeia plant of the bulb world; the fleshy leaves yield a jelly like sap that has multiple virtues and applications – as you will see under the ‘usage’ section. Bushmen and iron age dwellers of Southern Africa knew and understood its virtues. It has long been a part of the traditional healers arsenal.

Do You Know the Different Lavender Herb Types

Lavender herb is a popular addition to gardens. The aromatic flower spikes are excellent in dried flower arrangements or potpourri. The plant can also be used to make essential oils and for natural healing. Some people also use the plant in cooking, although this is not common. There are around thirty varieties of lavender. However, the most often used are the English, French and Spanish varieties.

Winterizing Garden Fountains – 7 Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Garden Fountain During Winter

Taking care of your water fountain during winter months can be difficult. If you keep your garden fountain in the outdoors, you risk damaging it with harsh weather conditions and poor water circulation. Garden fountains are expensive and it is important to maintain them to maintain a beautiful looking and refreshing garden water feature for the next season.

Organic Flower Gardening – Most Popular Flower in Your Garden

Having vibrant and colorful blooms in your garden is one of many pleasures of organic flower gardening. There are many varieties of flowers you can choose from depending on your preference of colors, scents and sizes. And for those who want to have an easier time with gardening but still want to enjoy beautiful blooms, here are some of the most popular flowers that you can easily grow in your organic garden.

Know Good Dirt?

It’s beginning to feel like fall here in South Carolina. Last night, I covered my newly planted strawberries and lettuces in case we had a freeze. Leaves completely cover our yard… we must have a hundred trees, easily. The jack-o’-lanterns are moldering on the front steps.

De-Thatch Your Lawn – Myth Or a Must?

De-thatching lawn is hard work but if you do it correctly you will reap the benefits for a long time. Find out if you need to do it at all.

3 Conditions to Avoid When Watering New Grass Seed

If you have recently planted new grass seed, hopefully you are aware of the importance of keeping it properly watered for the duration of its germination and new growth. If not, here are some tips that will help to insure the grass seeds you planted grow into the beautiful lawn you dream of.

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