‘Leading Lady Plum’ Bee Balm Monarda and Tree Support

Winter Gallery in the Bulb Garden

Winter is always a quiet period in the garden, with short, cold days and long frosty nights. However, some plants have adapted well to the conditions and produce exquisite flowers, even in the bleakest of environments. Given the low light levels, cold temperatures and often windy conditions, it is not surprising that most winter flowering bulbs and corms are short in height.

Key Plants For the Border in a Garden

Snowdrops look stunning in small individual groups. It is the most widely grown plant in the garden. The single flower is more poised and elegant, particularly in the cultivar, which has long stems and beautifully rounded, drop like flowers. On warmer days the petals open wide, revealing a labyrinth of green veins. It is worth bending down and looking right into each flower to enjoy its intricacies to the full.

Greening Your Home and Garden

Taking steps to being more energy efficient and environmentally friendly is within everyone’s capacity and self-interest, even if the big ticket items are not. The first place to start is with your garden.

Eight Things to Avoid in Your Garden Green House

Growing plants in a garden green house is similar to growing them in your garden. But mistakes can be costly. To ensure success with your indoor gardening, here are eight things to avoid with your garden green house.

Easy Ways to Growing Herbs in Pots

Growing herbs in pots is a great solution when you do not have a plot of land of at least four feet by six feet in which to cultivate an herb garden outdoors. But just because you do not have four feet by six feet of land outdoors it does not mean that you cannot have your herb garden outside.

Have You Thought About Growing an Herb Garden and Don’t Know Where to Start?

Where do I plant the herb garden? The location should be sunny the majority of the day and in an area with good drainage, choose an area of higher elevation in the yard and away from any location that may have tree roots that will sap the water and nutrients away from the herb plants. The size of the herb garden is only limited to how many and the type of herb plants to be cultivated in the area.

Create an Italian Herb Garden, It’s Easy

You can easily grow Italian herbs form home. It’s easy to start an Italian herb garden, here is what you need to know.

Put Your Herb Garden to Work For You

Growing an Herb Garden inside or outside your home is a hobby that gives so much back. It provides years of enjoyment that will bring spice to your table, and has so many other uses as well. Herbs have been used for thousands of years for its aroma, health benefits and flavorful additions to all your favorite dishes.

Growing Healthy Roses

The rose is the most popular flower in the world. But how do you grow them properly? What are the best ways to grow healthy roses? This article has the answers.

Growing Medicinal Herbs – 3 Every Garden Must Have

You are all aware of the importance of herbs in the field of medicine. Some gardeners only grow herbs for culinary use; however, there is a growing list of those wanting to grow medicinal herbs. What kind of herbs do you want in your herb garden?

Make Money From Your Home Vegetable Garden

In today’s tight economy there are still plenty of opportunities to earn extra income to pay off some bills. Your home vegetable garden could be one of those ways.

Learn the Different Types of Hydroponics Systems

There are a few types of hydroponic systems available today, some are much better than others and cost next to nothing. These systems can either be passive or active in nature. In passive systems, nutrients are passed through the growing medium. This article has all of the basic information and some advanced in a short straight to the point way.

The Facts About a Wholesale Plant Nursery

A wholesale nursery is where plants seeds are fully grown and sold-out for transplanting, for budding, layering, for restoration, wetland conservation, environmental landscaping or for the scenic gardens found at innumerable homes, businesses, parks and a countless of other landscapes. Most wholesale nurseries produce and distribute everything you need for your projects, such as incredible varieties of trees, shrubs, and ferns, both flowering and non-flowering types.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Terms You Should Get to Know

Home vegetable gardening can be so much more than planting a few seeds, adding some water and sub, and waiting for the plants to produce. Here are some valuable terms you should get to know to make the most out of your home vegetable garden.

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