LED Grow Light Placement and Coverage (Mars Hydro Review)

Tomatoes Growing Indoors: More Flavor, More Fun!

Not only is it fun and fairly easy to grow tomatoes indoors, gardening is an excellent activity for anybody to do. Scientific studies have shown that gardening is good not only for physical, but for mental health as well. This article tells you what you need to get started growing tomatoes inside!

Preparing Your Garden on a Budget With Rattan Garden Furniture

To save money on plants it is wise to start growing any flowers from seeds. Seeds only cost a fraction of the price of a full grown plant and although they take some patience to grow, it is worth it in the end.

Watering Equipment – Most Popular Garden Supplies

To achieve the best possible results out of a garden the right equipment needs to be used. Watering equipment is a very important part of proper garden maintenance. Having the right watering equipment will make the garden produce better, look better, and make the entire gardening experience more enjoyable.

Grateful Garden Flower – Red Valerian

There are numerous benefits that can be derived from the cultivation of red valerian in your garden. Firstly, its attractive corollas and breathtaking flowers help to make your yard and garden beautiful. Red valerian can also be cut and used to decorate the interior parts of your home and if kept in water, it can last about a week. The roots and leaves of the red valerian are consumed by many people all over the world and used in salads, soups and various recipes.

Cover Crops in the Gardens

Using cover crops as a way of adding organic matter to the soil is often seen as only method large farms can use. Using cover crops and green manures, though, can be equally beneficial in the garden, though, and the benefits are great. Not only will you be adding organic matter, but also nitrogen, increasing overall bio-diversity in your soil. Your plants will only benefit from regular cover cropping.

Wollemi Pine, 200 Million Years in the Making

The actual Wollemi Pine tree was stumbled upon in August 1994 due to David Noble, a National Parks and Wildlife Services Official who, while hiking and rappeling with buddies, seen the unusual looks of the pine and acquired a small fallen branch for identification. Trees planted in Japan and the United States have survived temperatures as low as 20 degrees F and as high as 110 degrees F.

Treatment Options For Japanese Knotweed

Ridding yourself of Japanese Knotweed should be No. 1 priority if you have land you want to protect. The appearance of this plant can lead to structural damage and falling property values.

DIY Homemade Hydroponics Systems For Growing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Generally the plants are grown with their root systems suspended in the nutrient solution or in an inert medium. DIY hydroponic gardening is not that difficult once a person understands the different systems and works out which system will suit their capability and/or their needs.

Flowers or Veggies for My Backyard Garden

People planning a backyard garden will often be confused on what to grow. Although flowers make the backyard more beautiful, they do not have the same benefits that a vegetable garden brings. However, it does not mean that you cannot combine both flowers and vegetables in your garden. Doing so may give you more benefits.

Generally Geranium, Possibly Pelargonium

Geraniums come under the heading of easy to grow, fool proof and useful for plant lessons. While called geraniums the plant we know as a geranium actually comes under the name of pelargonium.

Passive Hydroponic Systems Are Very Popular For Home Growers

The most common hydroponic method that is used at home is the passive system. Under this system, the nutrients are available to the roots of the plant most of the time in a reservoir and are not drained away as in an active system. This system is easy to maintain and one of the least expensive to set up. Find out more.

How to Plan a Vegetable Garden

You may have been pondering how to plan a vegetable garden, if you want fresh vegetables this year. You do not have to restrict yourself to the customary straight orderly rows. There are other options available.

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