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Sowing Annuals Directly

Some people are put off growing annuals because they have sown them in sit outside and the seeds have failed to come up or the results have been sparse and patchy. The secret to success is good soil preparation and careful sowing. The soil does not need to be very fertile, because many annuals can tolerate fairly impoverished conditions. A week or two before sowing cultivate the soil and remove any weeds, stoned and other debris. Rake the soil level and remove any lumps.

1000 Watt Grow Light

A 1000 watt grow light is a high pressure sodium lamp that produces a red and orange spectrum of light. This light helps fruits and flowers to grow and flourish by speeding up their overall growth. But what else do you need?

Pinching Out and Supporting Annuals

If left to their own devices, many annuals will grow up as a single stem. In a bedding scheme this would result in a forest of tall spindly spikes rather than a desirable carpet of foliage and flowers. To avoid this effect, pinch out growing tip of each main spike. The stem will produce side shoots and the plant will become completely bushy and much more attractive. Cut through the stem with a sharp knife just above a leaf joint.

A Basic Organic Growing Plan

Here’s a really simple plan for starting to grow your own organic food. You need very basic materials to implement this method specially designed for the lazy gardener.

What the True Meaning of the Asiatic Lily Means, and How You Can Harness It

The lily has always been shrouded in mystery and superstition. From being the flower of fertility and life, to death and morose. Read on to fully understand the complex flower and its true meaning.

How to Care For Your Miltonia Orchid to Get the Best Results

The Miltonia orchid, also referred to as the “Pansy” is a very popular flower indeed. One of the reasons for this increasing popularity is its unique beauty, having many colors which attract people who wish to plant them indoors and outdoors.

Living Off Your Country Garden

If the prices at the grocery store are getting to be too much for your budget it is time to start thinking about growing your own. Even if you manage a garden through the summer months as prices go up every gardener dreams of extending the growing season or moving to a location where the weather facilitates year round gardening.

For Blossom End Rot on Your Tomatoes, Mix Up Some Eggshell Soup

Growing tomatoes can be quite rewarding or quite frustrating. One week everything looks peachy keen, and the next, everything is falling apart. Blossom end rot is especially problematic.

Growing Veggies in Your Greenhouse – A Beginners Guide For Your First Greenhouse Build

Building and then growing in your first greenhouse is not as hard as it sounds. Hundreds of people do it every year. But once you’ve built your first greenhouse, what are you going to grow?

How to Set Up a Themed Garden in Your Backyard

Get excited about gardening again by designing your garden or patio to reflect a whimsical theme. You can choose just about anything to spruce it up. Find a couple of ideas to get you going.

What Is So Fascinating About Aerogarden?

In this information you will realize that there in fact truly is no necessity to have a green thumb to grow healthy vegetables and fruits. You’ll also figure out how the Aerogarden will provide natural veggies and herbs without the need of soil and toxic pesticides.

Eye Catching Garden Features

Ideas for attention grabbing features in your garden using water features and other objects to help provide dramatic effects. Ideas also on useful and unusual items concerning compost and pond liners.

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