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Garden Decking Ideas & Maintenance Tips

There are few things more enjoyable than spending a summer evening outside, surrounded by a quiet garden, tree-lined yard, or manicured lawn. Many homeowners enjoy such evenings through the use of a deck, a relatively easy and very common home improvement addition, yet one that makes spending time at home vastly more pleasurable.

Organic Vegetable Gardening – The Truth and Lies Finally Revealed

Organic vegetable gardening has grown in popularity over the last decade and this rewarding labor will provide you with the most flavorsome and healthy produce that can be produced. If you’re considering planting and growing your own vegetables you must choose your plot wisely.

Having a Raised Bed in the Garden

There are some plants that will require good water drainage to grow properly. For these type of plants, you should consider creating a raised bed.

How to Build Your Own Garden

Everyone is thinking of going environment-friendly these days with the threat of global warming looming on us. But how many actually are? Is it enough to buy organically grown vegetables and fruits? How many of us can actually afford to go organic produce everyday? Not many. So how do you contribute your bit to the environment? Gardening is a great way. It is a way of giving back a little to the earth which has given so much to you. It is one of the simplest and most direct ways of making an impact on the environment.

Organic Gardening Tips – What You Don’t Know May Hurt You

Organic gardening tips can help you to keep your productive garden healthy and ensure that you are rewarded for all your hard work with beautiful and bountiful little crops of food and flowers. Beginning with your soil, a good tip to promote healthy soil for good plant growth is to dig in lots of leaf mold and garden and bark compost.

Drip Irrigation For Better and Bigger Plants

Drip irrigation method was invented in the early 60s in Israel by Engineer Simcha Blass and his son Isaiah. They called it “underground irrigation”. The reason to develop such a method was not commercial at all. It was just one tree, much bigger than his brothers, that was situated near a leaking tap in Simchas friend’s back yard. The idea was seeded in Simcha’s mind and from then on it is all history. Later on, the usage of drip irrigation method has proved to save water, labor and energy as well. But the first idea was to grow better and bigger plants.

English Garden Rose

There are more than sixty varieties of the English Rose. They span nearly every color in the rainbow and are among the most coveted roses by rosarians. It would be difficult to cover every variety of English Roses in this piece, but I will highlight some of my favorites, giving a few details here and there.

Greenhouse Kit Frames

Greenhouse kit frames may be made of galvanized steel pipe, aluminum, plastic or wood. It is very important when considering purchasing a greenhouse to look at the type of frame it is constructed of.

Lavender Oil Uses

Lavender oil has a multitude of uses, I have listed just a few below. Lavender is one of the most widely used in aromatherapy for its calming, soothing effects. Lavender has good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties.

The Advantages of Special Event Florists

Planning a big party or wedding? If you need flowers, make sure to take some time to shop around. There are different types of florists, and your local retail shop may not be right for a big event. They may make beautiful arrangements, but for any event that needs more than six flower arrangements, consider a special event florist.

How to Plant a Beautiful Herb Garden

While herb garden can give a lot of pleasure, how to plant herb garden will demand at least some of your dedication and time. Herbs make a delicious flavoring to food, and they offer health benefits as well. They can even provide sweet aroma and add beauty to your yard.

Spice Up Your Life With a Fresh Herb Garden

Growing a fresh herb garden is an exciting way to spice-up (pun intended) your life. You will find out how easy gardening is when you grow herbs. Even if you smashed your green thumb with a hammer you can quickly and easily grow fresh herbs.

Gardening Under Lights – Plants Need Both Light and Darkness

The effect of daylight hours on blooming plants has long been recognized by scientists who have done research on plant growth habits. It’s known that some plants are triggered to bloom by short days (chrysanthemums, for example); others including most all of the garden annuals, by longer days.

Some Compost Tumbler Tips

We’ve all been hearing about how composting is the right thing to do and how it is so good for the environment. So where do we start? Well, composting can be a very simple process, or, with a little effort and imagination, it can become something more elaborate and you can even be giving away or trading compost with your neighbors.

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