Live Dragonfruit Bloom And Hand Pollination!

Garden Drainage is Very Important For Raised Bed Gardens and Container Gardens

Using fast draining soil is useless if your garden has no where to drain the water. Raised beds and container gardens need drainage so they are not flooded too long.

Simple Ways to Deal With Pests For Rose Bush Care

You can also deal with pests by placing traps near your rose bushes. Many pests (especially aphids) are attracted to yellow, so placing a yellow sticky trap near your rose bushes will be able to capture a lot of these little buggers.

Growing Vegetable Seeds

Growing vegetables from seed is a rewarding experience. Vegetable seeds can save you money and provide healthy food.

A Mini Herb Garden For Gigantic Results

Growing home grown herbs is quite a thrilling and interesting interest. There is, sadly, a popular notion that growing herbs demand a prominent section. Growing your own mini herb garden can be fun, rewarding and it can save you a plenty of cash.

How to Successfully Plant a Rose

In growing roses, our first consideration would be the location. The place that we are looking for to plant roses is a place with enough sunlight to offer. At least 6 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight every day is needed to plant and grow roses.

Cultivating Herbs in Jugs

Nowadays, cultivating or growing herbs in jugs or containers is no longer that hard compared to cultivating your herbs in your backyard garden. All the necessary things in order for any kind of plant to grow must also be given and done for our indoor herbs.

Set a Tropical Feeling With Orchids For an Elegant Wedding

A wedding is the most important event in a person’s life and organizing it can be very difficult. You have to bear in mind many little details in order to have a perfect ceremony and reception.

Wild Flowers of Thailand

Thanks to the recent Thai government and a large interest by the Thai Royal family, the flora in Thailand is now starting to gain more ground. From the days of the slash and burn method of farming, which left entire mountainsides desolate and barren to implementing a more eco-friendly approach to agricultural farming practises, Thailand has certainly come a long way in preserving its native wild flower species.

Where to Shop For Gardening Hand Tools Online

The Internet is, as we all know, is an incredible resource and you can find just about anything on it. But what about gardening hand tools or Japanese gardening tools? The answer: yes, you can. Especially gardening hand tools.

Add Vegetables and Flowers in August For Mid-Summer Boost in Southern California Gardens

Planting vegetables and flowers in August will give your Southern California garden a mid-summer pick-me-up just as spring-planted vegetables and flowers begin to lose their luster. Tomatoes: Plant a second crop of tomatoes in full sun from starter plants. As current tomato plant production begins to wane, new plants will start to produce and ripen by November.

Five Things You Should Inquire About Your Orchid to Properly Care For It

To be successful growing orchids you need to imitate the plant’s natural environment by mimicking what the orchid would naturally get in the wild in the way of water, sunlight, humidity, temperature, and feeding. If you are a beginner it would be best to start with a hybrid orchid which has already been bred for ease of care. Listed below are things you should inquire about and know in order to care for your orchid properly.

Why Use Hydroton?

Most gardeners are on a constant quest to cut their growing costs while making the gardening process less time intensive and more efficient. Hydroton expanded clay pebbles can really help a lot of gardeners achieve both of these goals, especially if you are already using and are familiar with hydroponic gardening systems. For those who don’t know, hydroton pebbles are clay pebbles that are baked in a kiln to expand the clay and make the pebbles a bit more porous to help hold the nutrient solution for a while longer.

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