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The Popularity and Growth of Organic Gardening

Most of us who love to garden do so for reasons that include not only better tasting produce, but also healthier people who eat it. Why, then, not take full advantage of the gardening opportunity and make the move to organic gardening? You avoid harmful pesticides while still keeping out the uninvited creatures that also seek to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s a win-win setting.

Greenhouse Plans – The Best Location

The location of your greenhouse is an important element and vital to the survival of your plants. Take for example if you choose a location that doesn’t get much sunlight. Even with the best equipment, it will still not achieve its optimum growth. Whether you intend to put up a small or even a big greenhouse, choose a site that will maximize its potential while giving it a measure of shelter. Below are a couple of guidelines to help you in choosing the perfect location to build your greenhouses with plans.

Tomato Growing Techniques – Growing Container Tomatoes

There are individuals who want to grow tomatoes in their home but are not able to do so because they don’t have the luxury of having enough space in their area. There are also some who don’t have enough space anymore in their garden. This situation is very common for a lot of people who love gardening but have smaller space.

Herb Garden Kits – Almost Everything You Need to Know

A lot of us have the wants to up rise our own herbs but don’t have the knowledge of how to get started. There are a lot of questions that come along with setting out an herb garden. Herb garden kits are a helpful asset in developing this great hobby.

Choosing the Right Garden Hedge Trimmer For You

When looking for a garden hedge trimmer the most important point to note is that the best hedge trimmer for you may be different than your next door neighbour! That is because we all have differing needs.

Watering Tips For an Environmentally Friendly Lawn

Water consumption doubles during the summer months due to frequent watering of lawns and gardens. Often the watering is done needlessly or inefficiently causing thousands of gallons of wasted water everyday.

Artificial Light For Orchids

Orchids usually need from 12-14 hours of light in the winter and about 16 hours of light in the summer. If you are growing entirely, or almost entirely, under artificial light, you will want to emulate this pattern of lighting the best way you can.

Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd is the 18th most popular Hosta plant according to the American Hosta Society. This plant has a unique cupping habit which is how it gets its name. The leaves of Abiqua Drinking Gourd cup deeply, sometimes as deep as 4 inches, and form a very unique cup shaped leaf.

Gardening Basic Training For Enthusiastic Beginners

You love to be outside in the sun working with your hands and don’t mind getting them dirty. And you thoroughly enjoy home-grown food. Great – you’re a perfect candidate to work in your own garden. Getting started isn’t hard at all. You just need a few pointers to launch. There are a few right here.

Have You Consider a Potted Herb Garden?

There are many reason to grow your herbs in pots. One really good reason is because you do not have a yard in which to grow any kind of garden. Maybe you only have a patio or a balcony or perhaps you live in an apartment without any outside patio or balcony. That should not be a deterrent, because you can grow herbs in pots.

A Guide to a Great Looking Garden

Gardening is one of Britain’s favourite past times, but the thing is, after years of gardening, many of us simply run out of ideas about what we could do with our gardens. So here’s a quick guide to help you find some inspiration for your garden.

Rose Disease – Treatment and Prevention

The treatment and prevention of rose disease is important for healthy and productive plants. Careful attention to foliage, pruning, and watering help reduce disease.

Don’t Let the Heat Kill Your Garden

City streets and residential homes are undergoing beautiful transformations everywhere you turn. Freshly cut grass fills the air, trees are full and people everywhere are taking to the shed for their shovels and cultivators.

How to Make Your Garden Look Great

Nothing’s worse than having a run-down, old looking over-grown garden! Take a look at our guide to help you make sure your garden looks as good as it possibly can do!

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