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Companion Planting – How To Keep Tomatoes Pest And Disease Free

The best way to grow tomatoes is to grow them chemical free and as organically as possible. In my previous article I mentioned that tomatoes require a lot of help to grow and this can often amount to an uphill struggle to keep them bug and disease free. However there are some clever little methods you can utilize to ensure a lush, organically grown crop of tomatoes.

How to Grow Perfect Miniature Roses

Miniature roses may be small on size, but they are big on beauty. If you have even a window box of growing space you can still grow these lovely little roses.

Greenhouse Growing – Growing Fresh Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits In Your Own Greenhouse

What you can grow in your greenhouse will depend, generally speaking, on your location and the season you’re in. This applies to basic detached cool or cold greenhouses, which most amateur gardeners opt for in their own gardens. Of course if you want to invest a little more in the way of installing heating and lighting systems, you can grow virtually anything year round.

How Often Do I Water Orchids? Here’s A Guide To Help You

When to water orchids is a question about orchid care that can cause the most concern to beginners and experienced growers alike. Here’s a general guide to help you.

Be Inspired With a Rose Tree Garden

You were just leisurely driving in the suburbs, killing your time when something caught your attention-it looks like a tree and yet, full of roses?! Amazing right?

5 Tips in Growing Orchids Indoors

Growing indoor orchids requires a thorough reading because every orchid type has specific requirements. Indoor orchids are great houseplants because of their exquisite blooms.

Skimmias – How to Grow

Skimmias are attractive, evergreen, and slow growing shrubs that are well suited to garden growing, both in containers and garden borders. These popular plants are often dioecious, meaning that they are either male or female, and as a result you will need one of each sex to produce berries for Winter interest. Skimmias offer all year round interest and really earn their keep in this regard.

5 Herbs to Add to Your Home Vegetable Garden

Herbs add great flavor to any dish. Fresh herbs from the garden make whatever it is you are serving, taste even better. Here are 5 herbs you can add to your home vegetable garden today.

Why Is Rose Gardening Difficult To Master?

Roses have acquired a lot of bad wrap over the years for being problematic to grow and maintain. If you’re thinking of rose gardening don’t allow this rumor hold you back.  Although rose gardening may turn out to be difficult, once you master it, it actually isn’t that hard.

Basic Lawn Care Tips for Homeowners

A green and healthy lawn is actually very easy to achieve as long as you know the basic lawn care techniques and how to correctly apply them. Read the guidelines stated in this article so you can handle your turf properly and get incredible results in no time.

Lawn Care 101 – How to Water Your Lawn Properly

Proper watering is a key factor in the overall appearance of your lawn. When done inappropriately, it can create disastrous effects that severely damage your turf. So make sure to follow these four watering tips so you can do it the right way and keep the grass green and healthy at all times.

Why You Need Your Kitchen Herb Garden

If you like food and who doesn’t, you may well like the recipe included in this article. You will also get an opportunity to get a free 10 day Kitchen herb garden course. This will help show you how growing your own fresh herbs will enhance your culinary efforts for the future. There are ideas on how to grow a culinary herb garden outside or an indoor herb garden.

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