Luscious Berry Blend Lantana– A P Allen Smith Favorite!

Lawn Seed – Looking at How to Properly Seed Your Garden

If you are looking to create a lawn from scratch, you will need to find a reputable supplier of lawn seed. You can’t beat the look of a lawn that has been grown with your own two hands.

Creating A Herb Feature

The best place to grow herbs is outside the kitchen door, where they will be close to hand when they are needed. Many herbs are drought tolerant, so are ideal for growing in containers, but if you use a lot of herbs, a designated herb garden would be appropriate and useful. A dedicated herb garden can form a decorative focal point to a garden design. Formal gardens often look best in a traditional shape such as a wheel marked out using small unit paving or a knot garden surrounded by a low hedge of clipped dwarf box.

Homebred Cucumber

Cucumber is a good candidate for planting in the garden. Seriously though, they are great as cooling agents for your body, taste good in a vegetable salad, taste spectacular in a hamburger, and if your food is too spicy you can even munch it on its own to cool your tongue!

List of Gorgeous Wedding Flowers

This article is about different flowers perfect for your wedding. Wedding orchids, roses, or even daisies could fit your wedding depending on the motif of the event.

Lawn Aerators

Advice on aerating your lawn. We offer advice aerators according to the size of your garden and the type of soil you have. On top of this you will be able to compare prices and find the best deal on these essential garden tools.

Planting Herbs In The Garden

Prepare the site by eliminating all weeds, especially perennials. Dig the soil well and take it over. If you are creating a dedicated herb garden, with each plant allocated to a certain space, plant out the design before you start. Transferring a design to the soil can be made simple by using sand poured from the hole in the bottom of a container. If you make a mistake it is easy to rake the soil over and start again. Thoroughly water all pot grown plants several hours prior to planting, then knock them out of their pots by giving a sharp rap on the bottom of the container.

Roses Need Sun

If you want to grow beautiful roses, you have to plant them somewhere that gets a lot of sun. Almost all roses need ample sunlight — at least five or six hours of direct light per day in colder climates, and four or five hours in warmer ones.

Orchid Types and The Apparent Parasite That Isn’t

Introduction to orchid types, noting the two key distinctions. Reveals insights into the seemingly “hybrid” semi-terrestrial orchids. Explores the various attributes of a common terrestrial orchid. Yields instructive and actionable information about epiphyte orchids, based on flowering potential. Notes how epiphytic plants live in trees and survive independently.

Storing Vegetables – Tips for Keeping the Vegetables Fresh for Much Longer

Do you know why the vegetables in your refrigerator go bad sooner than you want them to? It is Ethylene. It is absolutely natural. But you can make the vegetables stay fresh for much longer. Find out how.

Plant Your Spring Flowering Bulbs Now

After a couple of months of drab and dreary cold winter days nothing beats seeing those little green specks of beautiful tulips, breath taking daffodils, fabulous hyacinths, and tiny crocus peaking there heads out of the warming Spring soil. Early spring affords the perfect opportunity for you to display the biggest splash of color you will see in your garden all year.

Indoor Orchid Care: Repotting 101

By now, you’ve read so many articles on the essentials of indoor orchid care that you can write on the topic yourself. You don’t need to be told that like any other plant, orchids need sunlight (bright but not direct), water (not too much and not too often), a favorable environment for growth (room temperature and high humidity maintained) and fertilizers (once a week for new growth and once a month for mature plants).

How To Plant A Pomegranate Tree To Fruition

In any tree planting exercise, one should have the essentials ready. Before contemplating planting activity of any sort, it is recommended to carefully think things through. Understanding how to plant a pomegranate tree does not just constitute picking up a shovel and digging a hole in the backyard to house a young plant.

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