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Orange County’s Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour

The Mary Lou Heard is a self-guided tour, which takes place annually in Orange County, California. Mary Lou introduced me to the world of butterfly gardening, I hope to inspire others to take the tour and begin gardening for the benefit of butterflies.

How to Start an Organic Garden – Read Before You Start

Maintaining and planting an organic garden all on your own is indeed a rewarding process. While most of the steps that go into making a new organic garden would be very similar to starting just any other type and genre of garden, there are certainly a few notable differences.

Lady of the Night’s Powerful Fragrance Transforms Your Property Into a Tropical Getaway

If you love unusual plants, than the Brunfelsia Americana or the Lady of the Night is one of the most unusual that you will find. It is very hard to find for sale, but there are some nursery and plant websites that have the seeds or young plants for sale. What makes this plant so amazing?

Bay Leaves – How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are the moderate sized green leaves from the evergreen perennial Bay tree plant. The actual tree could develop to a peak of Forty feet, but when grown inside a container, will remain compact.

The Art of Growing Container Tomatoes

Your first step in planting seeds is to start indoors. As natural as this may sound to some, it’s essential. You can buy seed containers for this purpose.

Why Chemical Fertilizers Are Bad For You and Your Garden

It is true that chemical fertilizers will promote quick growth in your plants. Because of this, many people may question what the big deal is.

Let’s Talk Helleborus

Commonly called Lenten Rose, Helleborus are a versatile plant that has many unique features. These plants are often times thought of as the aristocrats of the winter and early-spring time garden.

Springtime For Spanish Rings – Spanish Style Flower Pot and Plant Holders

If you listen carefully you can hear the sounds of Spring. The time when we can all get out into the garden, clear away the debris of winter and start thinking happy thoughts of warmer days and forget about the chill ice and snow that freeze our spirits. It is time to add a new zing to container gardening, brighten up your patio and make the most of the vertical space in the garden.

Why is the Knock Out Rose So Popular?

The knock out rose is the most popular rose in North America. This rose was bred by William Radler and 250,000 were sold in 2000, the very first year it was introduced. It was also an All American Award winner that year.

Growing Roses From Stem Cuttings

Growing climbing roses, growing miniature roses or any type of roses from stem cuttings can be a hard task if you have never done so before. Some types of roses are harder to grow from stem cuttings, so it is best to research the type of roses you have cuttings from prior to beginning your rose gardening experience.

Two Types of Fluorescent Growing Lights

There are two very common types of fluorescent growing lights that are used today, T5 and compact. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.

How Much to Water Our Indoor Plants?

How do we know when it is time to water our indoor plants, and how much water should we give them? There are a variety of methods, and some work better for some plants and not as well for others. So let’s explore different plant situations and learn how to understand what your plant is trying to tell you!

Why Should I Vary Shapes in My Garden?

Are you aware that shapes actually draw your eye toward them? The plants that you choose in your garden can actually serve many purposes. See if you agree with these.

The Essence of Garden Furniture Sets

Robert Lee Frost was right when he said “One could do worse than is a swinger of birches”. Many people who have a beautiful garden do not possess garden furniture sets.

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