Make An Easter Fairy Garden!

Hydroponic – Aeroponic Technique

Hydroponic cultivation system is one of the most pure forms of cultivation, as it involves the avoidance of pesticides and other chemicals during the growth of plants. In fact, to one’s surprise, Hydroponics is a cultivation procedure which does not require soil to grow plants but a replacement of artificially created nutrient solutions are maintained as the ultimate source for plant nutrition.

Hydroponics – Know How Advantageous They Are To the Society

If you thought that cultivating plants can be quite a tedious task and also an expensive method to bring in raw materials. You need to think again because technology has not backed off but brought in new solutions to grave problems.

How to Maintain Your Favorite Plants In Your Garden

I have always loved gardening especially during the start of spring. I always plants different soft smelling flowers. I look forward to putting the flowers inside my bedroom and some in the living room. My favorite is lavender because it has always made me feel relaxed and fall asleep a little bit easier and a little bit faster. As for the living room I will be putting some lilies there. I want the whole place to be welcoming to my friends as well as guests.

Create Beautiful Plant Window Things With Hanging Plant Rooters

Do you remember how your grandmother used to grow plants? She would just snip a cutting and put it in a glass jar and it would grow happily. Well, now you can take part in this new rage of hydroponic gardening and have your own beautiful water garden hanging right in your window.

Growing Seedlings Indoors

Seedlings need three things to germinate and the most important are the sunlight, good soil and moisture. Without the perfect combination of these three things, the seedlings cannot germinate in natural environment.

Growing Bamboo Indoors

Bamboo is a kind of woody grass which is commonly found in tropical forests. The bamboo plant, when small, is quite attractive and is decorative too. However, since it is a tropical plant, it needs plenty of sunlight to grow. It is not a plant that prospers well in shaded areas.

Tips for Growing Herbs Indoors

Herbs are small plants that are used for medicinal purposes and also several of the herbs are also used in our everyday cooking. Some of the herbs that we tend to use regularly are shallots, onions, mint, ginger, lime, coriander, dill, curry leaves, thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley and cilantro. We are used to buying most of the herbs off the shelf in the vegetable section of a store.

Benefits of Humic Acid As a Soil Conditioner

The usage of humic acid in gardening is a fairly new idea and it is not much popular yet in the gardening world. Also, only professional people seem to use it so far. Humic acid is also available only through the internet and the direct mail outlets so far.

Choosing Plants for Your Organic Garden

Garden plants are wonderful to have and nurturing and fostering a garden can be great way to spend your time. When you choose plants for your garden, make sure that they are of good quality.

Gardening Guide for Beginners

Gardening is a very fulfilling exercise and also it is a good form of physical exercise. People who once start gardening usually enjoy it for a lifetime.

When to Plant Grass Seeds?

Grass seeds are the type of plants which need a good soil condition in order to germinate and grow lush. The soil should also have the correct depth. Before planting the seeds, you need to prepare the soil bed really well by keeping them sufficiently aerated.

How to Graft a Plant?

There are many varieties of plants that can be propagated by using a stem or a branch of the same plant. Grafting is also known as grating, and is a widely used technique to propagate plants.

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