Make Your Own Seed Starting Mix

Home Gardens With Flowering Trees

Gardens will be more colorful and vibrant if we add lots of flowering plants in it, and there can be nothing more vibrant than a flowering tree. It will not only beautify the garden, but our entire homes as well.

A Powerful Little Machine – The Black & Decker MM875 Electric Mower

Black and Decker’s MM875 lawn mower is small, but very powerful. This corded electric mower is only 19″ in size; however its capabilities are vast. It is lighter in weight than a gasoline mower, since it has no battery, which is an advantage for its owner.

Composting – The Tiller Method

For many gardeners, whatever time and energy are required to produce rich black loam through composting, it is well worth it. Depending on your tools, composting can be a labor intensive project or one that requires little time. There are shortcuts you can take. One method that eliminates some of the back-breaking effort of turning the pile by hand is using the tiller method of composting.

Growing Chilli Plants – 5 Great Tips

Growing chilli plants need not be as hard as you think it is if you follow these great tips. Chillies can be grown in most cool climates so long as you follow some of the advice in this article.

Plant Bonsai Trees Seeds For Relaxation

Bonsai is a word in Japanese meaning “tray planting” (tree seed is planted in a tray or pot) – not just simply planting a seed on the ground and letting Mother Nature take care of the rest in the tree’s growth. The bonsai tree seed is planted in a pot (usually made of clay) and the growth of the tree is controlled so that the tree and the pot form a single harmonious unit, where the shape, texture and color of one, compliments the other.

How to Grow Peas – Grow One of the Easiest Plants

Learn how to grow peas, which are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Also, discover how to harvest snow peas, garden peas, and sugar peas.

The Dangers of Pesticides on Food

Many independent studies show a growing concern about the dangers of pesticides on food that we all eat. We really need to know what the long term dangers of pesticides are to humans.

Gazebo Bird Feeder – An Ideal Feeder That Can Transform Your Backyard to an Elegant One

Gazebo Bird Feeder is one of the most popular bird feeders preferred by many bird lovers in many parts of the world. For backyard bird enthusiasts different elegantly designed Gazebo Bird Feeders are now available.

Kitchen Herbs – Chef’s Choices For the Indoor Herb Garden

Everybody loves kitchen herbs, and if you’re thinking of growing some we’ve picked a select few that most chefs agree are the best of the best. Their popularity among Captains of the kitchen can be stated in three words — taste, fragrance, and beauty — and for the beginning gardener, they are easy to grow.

Garden Styling Elements

Every garden has its own theme and style. This will give a certain subject for our garden and others will recognize it as they look into our gardens.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

When you consider growing your own vegetables, you probably focus mainly on the potential benefits of having fresh veggies available at home weighed against the convenience and ease of visiting your local market. You may even give some thought to the potential feeling of accomplishment you might experience as a result of successfully raising your own food. But there are other potential benefits of home vegetable production that you may not have considered.

Rose Planting the Right Way So You Get Vibrant, Beautiful Roses

There are many considerations when it comes to planting roses. First, one must consider in rose planting is picking a location of where to plant your roses. One also needs to consider the depth of the hole and the fertilizer to be used. The location is very important for sun, water drainage, and soil quality.

To Grow Upside Down Tomatoes You Need the Right Variety – Here is a Selection You Can Choose From!

Find the various types of tomatoes that can be used to grow upside down tomatoes successfully. Also a description about what they are and their best uses.

Tomato Growing Tips on Crop Rotation and Pest Control

Crop rotation is what most gardeners think of when talking about improving the nutritional value of their soil through growing different crops each year. But crop rotation is also beneficial in breaking the cycle of pests and diseases. Many tomato gardeners are not aware of the benefits of this technique and it is a tomato growing tip that they should consider for better end results.

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