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Enjoy the Different Orchid Types

Although there are thousands of varieties of orchids there are really two main orchid types. The main difference between these types is that one likes to grow on the bark of trees with its roots exposed to the air and the other type grows in light humus soil that is moist be well drained.

Oncidium Orchid Growing Tips

Here is the secret to growing a healthy Oncidium Orchid. Discover the vital information contained in these tips which provide a clear step by step guideline to providing an ideal indoor growing environment for your orchid.

Why Grow Upside Down Tomatoes?

The benefits of growing upside tomatoes. Advantages from versatility to maintenance.

Caring For Orchids – Four Simple Steps

There are particular conditions which make caring for orchids easier now than it used to be in the past. With more than 25.000 species of orchids in existence you can be certain to find that quite a few will thrive in your home environment. Once you have decided what kind of orchid flowers you wish to cultivate all you have to do is follow four simple steps.

How Would You Like to Fill Your Home With Beautiful Cattleya Orchids?

If you knew how to properly grow and care for Cattleya Orchids how much more beautiful could you make your home. Catteya Orchids are not just pleasing to the eye some also have wonderful fragrances. Many people believe that orchids are very difficult to grow, but this is pretty much a myth. There are some that can be easily grown in your home with a minimal amount of effort. The Cattleya orchid is one such orchid. With a little knowledge about how to care for Cattleya orchids almost anyone can beautify their surroundings.

Orchid Species and Hybrids

There are two main types of orchids – Terrestrial Orchids and Epiphytes Orchids. So what is the difference between the two?

The Smell of Fresh Cut Flowers in the Home

Life is a breathing, vibrant, moving, sensing, touching, tasting experience. It’s a multihued spectacle of experience that surrounds us with limitless possibilities for interacting with the world. Our environments should reflect this, filled with reflections of the brimming multitude of life, plants, flowers, floral displays and examples of the bounteous spirit of the natural world.

Grow Your Italian Herb Garden With 7 Essential Herbs

Learning the benefits of some of the best herbs in an Italian herb garden is very helpful for all gardening enthusiasts. If you want to start this rewarding hobby, here is a list of the most complete Italian herbs that you can grow in your own home.

Growing Vegetables for Beginners

Get started growing your own organic vegetables. It’s easy when you know how. Estimate the amount of space and sunlight available and then make a decision about the type of garden you can create.

Orchids Are Popular As Houseplants

Orchids are popular as houseplants because they have bright colors, beautiful blooms and are easy to care for. Many people grow orchids because of their pretty flowers. And depending upon the species, orchids may bloom only once a year or several times within a three-month period. The flowers are the result of properly caring for them.

Fertilizing Orchids – Less Is More

Fertilizing orchids is easy once you know how. Similar to humans, orchids cannot live on air alone. They require “food” and many modern orchid media do not provide much food of and by themselves. This article give you a good background and is a must read – especially for new growers.

The Purple Hyacinth Bean – Ornamental Edible, With Caution

What could be better than an edible plant beautiful enough to grace the arbors at Thomas Jefferson’s garden at Monticello? The hyacinth bean has pretty flowers and leaves, but care must be taken to eat the beans themselves at the right time, because the dried beans are toxic.

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