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Micro Greens – The Edible Indoor Green Garden

Micro greens make the perfect edible indoor green garden. Anyone can grow in any space no matter how large or how small.

Why Do I Need a Survival Seed Bank?

You hear the term “survival seed bank” and chances are it stirs up images in your mind of a paranoid, slightly off his rocker, survivalist waiting for the end of the world as we know it. Now, I’m not denying that some of us “preppers” fit this description, but the point is, ALL of us need to be prepared for hard times ahead, and having a seed bank and a survival garden is a great place to start. Read on to learn more about exactly what a survival seed bank is and why it is so important that we all takes steps NOW to prepare for an uncertain future.

Feng Shui For Your Garden

Bring the art of feng shui to your garden. By balancing the five elements in your outdoor space, you can create a environment of true beauty, balance and harmony.

A Hydroponics System For the Home Gardener

For an excellent way to grow indoor plants, many home gardeners turn to hydroponic systems to expand their indoor growing capabilities. Of course, hydroponic systems also allow those with no soil in which to plant, such as those in urban areas or living in apartments, to enjoy gardening at home as well.

Home Garden Basics – Simple Tips to Get Your Home Garden Started

Gardening is one of the most relaxing hobbies, and rewarding as well, because you see the results of your efforts through beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and vegetables. Learn from these easy garden tips to get the most out of your home garden experience.

All About Yellow Knockout Roses

The newest addition to the Knockout Roses family, this has the same excellent traits as all the others! Are you looking for a golden method of brightening up your garden?

What to Plant When Gardening Organic Vegetables – Placement is Very Important

When gardening organic vegetables you should know which plants go well together. Knowing which plants help each other or hurt each other can mean the difference between your garden flourishing or failing. Knowing which plants complement each other will also help your garden from being eaten by those pesky bugs we all hate.

Orchid Care Instructions

Successfully caring for orchids is not more challenging than taking care of houseplants, it is just completely different. Orchid plants are actually presented with not a good reputation. The truth is that orchid care is not that challenging at all.

The Aeroponic System For You

Aeroponics systems allow gardeners to grow plants where the soil is poor or nonexistent, and the plants grow in air rather than soil. For those in the nursery trade, an aeroponic system or aeroponic cloner can help you quickly start cuttings from all manner of established plants, which can then be transplanted and grown on for resale. For their convenience of use and speed in producing healthy and large plants, gardeners turn to aeroponics systems for their indoor gardening setup.

Making a Vegetable Garden in 4 Easy Steps

As our world is ever changing, more and more people are looking for ways to save money without having to compromise the quality in the products that we eat. Many people all over the globe are turning to growing their own fruits and vegetables. Not only is it eco-friendly to grow your own, making a vegetable garden is not as hard as you would think.

Truths About Worm Composting in Garden Beds

You may not want to do vermicomposting using worm bins so here are some truths about worm composting in garden beds. The same procedure applies though there are certain things and adjustments that you have to consider.

How to Get Knockout Roses From Cuttings

Ever wondered if there was a way to get beautiful roses without a lot of trouble? Just a few cuttings from Knockout Roses can keep your garden looking its best in very little time at all.

Arborsculpture – Ecological Garden Projects and Ways to Save the World

Arborsculpture is the art of shaping tree trunks and their woody branches. Garden furniture, tunnels, fences even new tool handles can all be grown with living trees and save the planet at the same time.

Good Soil is the Foundation of Your Home Vegetable Garden

Do you think you could build a skyscraper that stood four football fields tall if the foundation to that building was made from some cheap lumber and dirt? Probably not, and even if you could build it, would you want to go in it? I certainly would not.

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