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4 Good Reasons To Add A Log Cabin To Your Garden

There are plenty of garden buildings that can add an extra dimension to your garden and one that is becoming increasingly popular is the log cabin. Whether it is for a games room, a dining room, or even a bar, a log cabin can fit any of these purposes while also enhancing the appearance of your garden.

A Look At The Different Types And Styles Of Wooden Shed

Whatever you need extra space for, from extra garden storage to a workshop for jobs and hobbies, a wooden garden shed can be the perfect solution. However, with such a wide range of timber sheds available it can be a difficult task to decide which is right for you. So read on, as I attempt to help you narrow your search to the right kind of shed for your needs.

Creating the Ultimate Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an easy, low-maintenance way to add a burst of colour to the outside of your home. Below is the essential information needed to get you started.

Simple Instructions to Follow When Making a Compost Pit

The process of making a compost pit, to a gardener, can be quite fulfilling and rewarding at the same time. However, many are they who make it seem like a daunting yet herculean task with expensive hardware and fancy paraphernalia’s. But that notwithstanding, one can make a reliable homemade compost pit using the simplest of methods.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid

The Phalaenopsis is easily the most widespread orchid because of its simplicity of development and the potential of plant centers to push them into blossom year-round. Phals are often cultivated in the house and remain blooming for many years. A more mature phal are usually in bloom a great deal of the season with elegant inflorescences packed with good-sized blossoms.

Growing Potatoes In Your Home Garden

French fries are one of everyone’s favorite foods to order whenever they go to fast-food chains. Even some restaurants have started including it to their menu. Some food companies offer french fries in different flavors such as cheese, sour cream and onion and barbeque but some prefer to settle with plain ones. Whatever those french fries are flavoured with, people still love eating them. French fries are very convenient to eat and they are also very handy. You can bring them anywhere and you can share them with your friends. Mashed potatoes are also one of many people’s favourite foods to eat. They are delicious and you can pair them with almost all kinds of dishes. You can also eat time during any time of the day. Most of all, they are very nutritious.

How to Grow Mint the Easy Surefire Way

Learning how to grow mint can be one of the easiest hobbies you ever learn. With just a few simple tips and starting the correct way, you will have a bountiful garden of minty herbs. Don’t be intimidated by learning how to grow mint, even if you have tried before and failed. This will show you exactly how to be successful. Try it, you will be amazed!

A Step-By-Step Guide of How to Make Compost

A garden without a compost pile is considered incomplete. And looking at the importance of a compost pile, one understands why. Compost is responsible for feeding the soil with micro-organisms that help plants stay healthy. By adding nutrients to the soil, it is also a fertilizer, mulch and a soil conditioner all rolled into one. In essence, compost is king when it comes to gardening.

Indoor Hydroponic Garden Lighting: What’s the Best?

What kind of lighting will support adequate and/or spectacular growth of vegetables or flowers in an indoor hydroponic garden or an indoor soil garden? Find the answers here.

The Home of the Future

When you’re a kid and you hear the phrase “home of the future,” your mind automatically leaps to images of buildings seventeen stories off the ground. You think of robotic dogs, saucer shaped houses and flying cars. And, while we’re a little ways off from this sort vision coming to reality, there are major breakthroughs happening today that are bringing the home of the future a little closer to reality.

Best Vegetables to Grow During the Wet Season

The rainy season is not an excuse to slack on growing your own veggies! In this article, tips about the kinds of vegetables and how to care for them will be discussed so you can still enjoy your produce anytime.

What You Need to Know: Choosing Outdoor Plant Containers

Why in the world does anybody need to write (or read) an article about how to choose outdoor plant containers? I mean, come on, this isn’t rocket science. Can’t you just pick some pots, get some dirt, get some plants, add together in the pot, stir (so to speak) and, presto, you’re done?

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