Maximize Harvesting Lettuce With The Cut and Come Again Method

Benefits of Using Upside Down Plant Pots

Do you have a bad back? Do your knees bother you when you bend? Do you get dizzy when you stand from a kneeling position due to blood pressure problems or other health related problems? Traditional container gardening requires you to bend or kneel to do the actual planting or to tend your plants in their container.

Wooden Greenhouse

There are several advantages to building a wooden greenhouse. Depending on the climate you are in, you can choose between steel, plastic, aluminum or wood. Consult a neighbor or friend who already has a greenhouse and ask which material is best to use for your area.

Irrigation Basics

Proper watering practices are vital to the survival of a newly planted tree. One of the most common causes of decline in newly planted trees is improper irrigation.

How to Breed Roses

Breeding roses is very time consuming and fairly difficult but extremely rewarding. Start by find two roses that you want to breed. Remember that all rose flowers are both male and female, having both the sexual organs -stamens and stigmas – on each flower.

Worm Bin Compost

Keeping a worm bin is simple and easy. There’s no mess, no foul odor and best of all you can keep it right in your kitchen.

Danger – Weed Killer Damage

There may be some occasions when you find it is necessary to use weed killers in your garden. You should always be aware of the danger of accidental spraying onto other garden plants and follow safe procedures.

Growing Grapes As A Part of the Home Landscape or Garden

Growing grapes is becoming a common plant to grow with the home gardener for several reasons. Their juice and fresh fruit can be used for jelly, jam, and even wine, along with being picked and eaten fresh from the vine. In addition, grape vines can add ornamental value to your home landscape when trained to grow on an arbor, or trellis for shade or screen planting.

Creative Ideas for Elegant Hanging Baskets

The existence of hanging baskets is brought by the latest revolution in technology in this era. In fact, it has been known as one of the modern ways of decorating our homes. It can even be a perfect ornament for porches, patios or decks. Moreover, it gives attractive accent to every barren and rugged area, showcasing an ultra modern look. With its versatility, numerous hanging baskets are made by skilled manufacturers in different colorful shades, shapes and dimensions that would satisfy the varying specifications of potential buyers.

Hunter PGJ-06 Rotor Sprinklers

You will always need to use a Hunter PGJ-06 Rotor sprayer in your garden because you don’t want any spot of your lawn to be left dry when you spray in your garden. For this reason you can use different spraying products or you can spray your garden manually as well.

How to Layout a Backyard Vegetable Garden

If you’re planning a garden at home to grow your own veggies, you’ll need to know these issues that can have a major effect on your garden’s productivity and health. Find out about the different types of gardens you can build, and the main factors to consider when planning.

Creative Ideas in Handling Fiberglass Window Boxes

The existence of window boxes has become an integral solution for a long time dilemma of most garden enthusiasts. In fact, it has been popularly known in the planter making industry that received significant demand in the market. Window boxes are made from various materials such as aluminum, wrought iron, PVC, wood and fiberglass materials. Each of these has is own distinguishable attributes that would meet the ranging needs of different customers nationwide. Some however have preferred window boxes made with fiberglass materials for its thick and durable feature.

Planting Raspberries – Tips to Plant Raspberries in Your Garden

One day, while watering my planter box of raspberries, I reflected on all the deliciousness these shrubs have brought me. Not only do they provide wonderfully tasty fruit (especially when eaten freshly picked and warmed by the sun), but they are easy to care for. Here is some advice learned over three years while growing them.

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