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What Are the Different Types of Hydroponics Systems?

There are lots of different varieties of hydroponics systems on the market. The one you choose will affect how much time and money you spend maintaining your garden, what hydroponics nutrients you decide to purchase, and what you can grow.

3 Tips For Building a Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardening is a fun, creative, and efficient way to garden. If you are just getting started with this type of gardening, here are a couple tips to get you going in the right direction.

Two Overlooked Advantages of Raised Bed Gardening

There are many advantages to raised bed gardening. Their versatility, ease of use and customized nature are a few of the main benefits, but two of the coolest features of a raised bed garden often go overlooked. Advantage #1 – Ease of Maintenance With a raised bed the ease of maintenance cannot be overlooked, it is much easier than a traditional garden.

Keep Your Grass Green With Some Essential Lawn Feeding Tips

An essential requirement for growing healthy grass is plant food. Lawn grass, perhaps more than any other plants, requires nutrients to keep it green because its top growth is being constantly removed from mowing. If this is to be done by any other plant, it usually dies completely sooner or later, but grass is remarkably tough and will stand up to this kind of treatment. However, that is all it will do, unless fed properly.

Essential Tips You Need to Know Before Sowing Seeds

There are many different lawn seed mixtures available, for hot sunny environments, semi-shady sites, and for areas which will get very hard wear. Naturally, the finer the grass, the more expensive it is going to be to buy.

How to Make Your Own Compost

The steps you take to make your own compost is actually pretty simple. Is it fitting that instead of sending good material to the landfill you have decided to make good use of it yourself.

Potato Garden – Simple Steps to a Thriving Crop

Potato gardening, simple steps to a thriving crop. Organic methods that will provide you with a rewarding crop and a healthy garden.

Indoor Fruit Trees – Freshen Your Home With an Indoor Citrus Tree

Indoor fruit trees are rapidly becoming one of the more popular plants in gardening. There’s a real sense of accomplishment to grow your very own citrus fruit, but the appeal of these dwarf trees goes beyond their fruit yield…

Taking Care of Knockout Roses

The Knockout rose, the newest addition to the rose family, is an easy-to-grow variety developed by Wisconsin Botanist and rose expert William Radler in his quest for a low-maintenance, disease-resistant rose bush that will add beauty to any landscape. Caring for Knockout roses is actually as simple as it gets in the rose growing world, making these the ideal rose for the beginner.

Gardening Trends For the New Decade

For anyone considering getting into home gardening, the timing could not be any better. Today there are two particularly interesting gardening trends that are catching on in a big way and each method can be done by both the beginner and the seasoned green-thumber.

Springtime is the Ideal Time to Plan Your Garden

If you have a garden plot already that you use from year to year, then that is great. You most likely only need to plan what you will be growing this year and order your seeds, netting and any other garden essentials that you find necessary.

LED Grow Lights and HID Grow Lights – Which is Better For You?

If you are thinking about buying some indoor plant lights but do not know which ones to pick then this is a good article for you to read. This is also a great article for those of you are looking at the two types of lamps but can’t decide.

What Are the Advantages of a Cinder Block Garden?

Many people make their own gardens. Typically raised bed gardens are made because the soil in most backyards lacks nutrients and is full of fertilizers that are put on the soil. One type of garden bed that you can make is made out of cinder blocks. Learn what advantages a cinder block garden has.

When Should I Plant Tomatoes? Do the Best You Can With the Time You Have

When it comes right down to it, most families only have so much free time left to do the things they want or like to do. They learn to fit the things in they want to do around the ones they have to do. It is no different for a busy family dealing with gardening time management as the same principals are involved.

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