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Jiffy Peat Soil Pellets

Conventional soil bags are heavy, unwieldy and often contain coarse soil not fit for growing small seeds in. Jiffy peat pellets are compact and expand when water is added.

Planning Your First Garden at Home

Ask any experienced gardener how to begin and they are almost certain to say to get your ideas down on paper, which I agree. Where I would differ from some is that I would not place too much emphasis on making the paper plans to scale. By trying to attempt an accurate plan is probably quite off putting for most. From personal experience, a rough scale is sufficient.

Plants and Shrubs For Your Yard

Plants and shrubs are living species that can serve comprehensive purposes. Their uses range from being simply ornamental and decorative pieces to providing wonderful health benefits. However, these have specific attributes that you must evaluate to see which species fit your needs, style and budget.

Cow Pots Biodegradeable Planters

Gardening is often thought to be an eco-friendly endeavor, but certain gardening products can have a surprisingly negative impact on the environment. The manufacture of pesticides and plastics can have a harmful impact on the earth over time.

LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

In our increasingly urbanised environment access to natural daylight can become a restricing factor for anyone wishing to bring plantlife into the home. Plant grow lights are an answer to this problem and LED grow lights are probably the best of the various lighting options available.

Garden Potatoes – Organic Grown in Your Backyard

Fresh tender potatoes that will produce a thriving crop all season long. Grown in container gardens, raised beds or even the traditional row method of gardening. Organic growing of crops that is healthy for you and the environment.

Dealing With Clay Soil in New Gardens

Many new garden sites consist of little but rough ground and boulder’s debris. It is always hoped that the good top soil removed during excavations has been placed on one side for subsequent redistribution. In any case, levelling the ground and carrying out any necessary soil improvement is a necessity.

Upside Down Tomato Garden – Grow Tomatoes Without a Garden

For those with very limited growing space they can dedicate to a garden, the upside down tomato garden is a fantastic choice. This nifty design will allow you to grow juicy, delicious tomatoes in any setting.

Planning to Plant Roses

When planning to plant roses or enter into rose gardening, skills for rose bush care, transplanting roses, when to plant roses as well as organic rose gardening will be needed. If you are growing miniature roses or growing climbing roses, all of these skills will still be needed, but additional care will also be required.

Save Money and Grow Healthy by Buying Hydroponics Supplies Online

There are so many advantages to growing plants and vegetables using a hydroponics system, but finding a method that is cost-effective will ensure that you continue on with this healthier option. One way to do this is to purchase your hydroponics supplies online.

A New Dimension in Patio Garden Design

Patio garden design can be a challenge of invention and ingenuity. Often space is restricted, especially in an urban environment surrounded by concrete and brick. The temptation is to fall back on hanging baskets, windowboxes and ground level containers. The real challenge in patio garden design is to make the most of a new dimension – the vertical space – to create something simple but stunning. You may have a flight of stairs where you could grow climbers around vertical support railings and place a planted pot on each step.

How to Choose the Right Green House Kits For Your Home

Green house kits are very great options for people who happen to love gardening so much. In fact, different people have different needs with their greenhouses. For instance, one person needs to raise flowers during the colder months while another one wants to grow herbs that are very sensitive.

Discover the True Meaning of Flower Power With Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia flowers have been grown by keen flower gardeners across the globe for centuries. Initially they were grown mainly by the Aztecs in their native areas of Mexico and Guatemala, but since being discovered by European plant hunters in the late 1700’s they have risen steadily in popularity.

Solomons Seal For Battered Wives

Solomons Seal is a truly splendid plant. It has a wonderful aura with its pale green stems stretching up to a height of 60 cms (2 ft) arching over beautifully at the top. Great oval leaves alternate across the top half just like wings above the dangling waxy white-colored bell-like blossoms.

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