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Irrigation Controllers – Which One Is Best for Your Garden

The tap timer is the most basic irrigation controller. It needs to be manually switched on every time. These timers are useful for people on a very low budget, or for gardeners who like to be in charge of when the garden gets watered. They require no electricity or batteries to operate, and are extremely low tech and low maintenance.

Prepare Your Birdhouses for Winter

Birdhouses aren’t just summer homes! These houses can serve an essential role in keeping birds warm and safe in the winter.

Do-It-Yourself Lawn Mower Repair

Repairing your own lawn mower may sound really intimidating but doing your own lawn mower repair may be simpler than you think. Hopefully, this list can help you on your first attempt.

Choosing a Woodpecker Birdhouse

If a woodpecker is pecking at a structure – such as your own house – that will cause damage to it, then install a woodpecker birdhouse right over where the woodpecker is making holes. Chances are, it will move right in.

Gararge Storage Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a really useful gift for someone have you ever considered a garage or garden storage kit. These are really useful storage gift ideas and make someone’s life less chaotic and more enjoyable.

Feeding Birds and Feeding Squirrels – 3 Tips

If you like birds and you enjoy feeding birds you know that it is hard to do without feeding squirrels, too. It would not be so bad if all the squirrels did was come to the feeder and eat a little bird feed and go on there way. But nooo! Squirrels can’t play nice. They want all the feed. What they don’t eat they throw out on the ground. And, if you are not out there to fill the feeder up again they will destroy the feeder. Bad squirrel!

Grow Sunflowers Fast and Easy

You want to grow sunflowers? But you never done it before? Well then listen up because you are about to grow hundreds of them!

Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

Recognizing the required hydroponic nutrient elements is very essential to ensure that your plants are properly fed as they grow. Of course, growing crops without soil is odd to hear for the inexperienced homeowner. But once the first step has been taken in realizing why it is a lot better to raise plants in plain water, it will be an eye-opener to a healthier lifestyle.

Gardening in the Month of August

Although the start of August may see some unsettled weather, there are likely to be at least some sunny spells when you can get out and enjoy the garden. August flowers can be some of the most spectacular of the year and many vegetables will be ready to harvest. With the kids off school it can be a great opportunity to get the whole family involved, or you might prefer to escape to the solitude of the allotment. Either way, there’s plenty to do.

Two to Tangle – Six Good Choices for Climbing Plants in Your Garden

Some summer plants have flowered so early that they were beating daffodils into flower whereas once the rain started they have been as much as 6 weeks behind their normal flowering period. At our garden design school in London we’ve noticed that climbers in particular have been affected by the climate dramatically over the past few years, with some such as roses flowering almost year round.

Recycling Techniques for Your Garden

Someone approached me the other day and said they were fed up with seeing all these crisp new concrete walls, bright colours and fancy flooring in relatively ordinary gardens. It got me thinking about how some people are fast getting into a cycle of replacing gardens every few years, almost as often as we replace kitchens and re-decorate our homes. It’s obviously not always the best approach to take when a tree can take decades to reach its full glory and often, in a rush to get the latest colour or variety, we miss the simple things and…

How To Keep Birds Off Your Property

Summer is here and we all want to spend time in the out of doors.  After being inside for most of the winter, the outdoors calls to us.

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