Mixed Success With Early Carrots

Propagating Plants-The 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Propagating Plants

Propagating plants is an enjoyable hobby. It can also be a profitable business. Here are the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid when propagating plants and how to avoid them.

How to Design a Long Narrow Garden

Long, narrow gardens are tricky spaces to design correctly. Overcoming the sense of claustrophobia and making sure all the garden is used are the main problems when designing a long narrow garden. This article describes how to design a long narrow garden.

Prune Your Own Rose Bushes With This ‘Easy-Peasy’ Method!

Spring time is time to prune your tea rose bushes for shape and maximum blooms. This is the very simple method to achieve that. Five very simple steps.

The History Of The Corsage

Do you remember receiving your first corsage for your high school prom, or wearing an orchid on Easter, or a carnation on Mother’s Day? Where did these traditions come from? When did people begin wearing corsages? Many florist shops and flower experts present various compilations on the history of the corsage.

Microlife Offers a Number of Ways to Nourish Your Plants

Plants need nourishment. You may have been out in the sunlight and you may be watering them as you are supposed to, but they may need a little help from time to time. If you are unsure of what to buy because you don’t want to use a lot of harsh chemicals on plants – especially plants where you will be obtaining fruits and vegetables, then consider using products from the MicroLife brand.

The New Age of Gardening – Aquaponics

What is Aquaponics? Why should you try it? Because we all have less time, less space, and less patience in our lifes – we need something to work on its own!

How to Design a Sloping Garden

How to design a sloping garden. Sloping sites make fabulous gardens, but they require careful design and planning. This article covers strategies for designing and landscaping steeply sloping gardens. The article gives tips and information about how to turn a sloping garden into a beautiful, but safe and practical space. There are tips on dividing the garden into rooms, creating level spaces using retaining walls, navigating the level changes with steps and ramps.

How to Lower Garden and Crops Water Demands

Today I was going to share with you all the issues of the Global water crisis, and what we can do to help alleviate the problem collectively around the world. But I’m actually seeing a lot of doubters and skeptics informing us that the “world water shortage looks unsolvable”. Let’s say this above statement was precise, what does that mean for the ones reading this and all of our loved ones and the rest of the population that we share this earth with?

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Gardening

There has been much written about gardening from experts to novice gardeners that always comes to a basic truth – how good gardening can be for a person. The physical aspect and emotional involvement combined have proven to be quite healing and health enriching. As the magazine “Psychology Today” has said “Researchers are discovering that growing your own food – however much or little you can do – is better for your health than anyone ever suspected”.

Choosing The Right Fish For Your Aquaponic System

When you are starting an aquaponic system, fish play an important role. Knowing what type of fish, and how many fish you need; is a key to your success, both short-term and long-term.

Growing Your Own Organic Food With Aquaponics

More people are considering growing their own food, to save both money, and their health. Many however are not aware of using an aquaponics system; that eliminates the hard work of gardening in soil, weeding, and watering. Children to the elderly can have success with an aquaponic system.

I Just Bought 23 Plants, Now What?

Do you have this problem? You have so many things you want to plant, you go buy them, then you have no idea where to put them or if they will even fit?

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