Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) Care

Hydroponic Skyfarming

Hydroponic gardening has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t really used publicly until the 1970’s. It is, simply put, a method of growing plants without using soil. The grower uses a precise combination of nutrients, along with water and light to cultivate plants with just as much success as traditional methods. The concept of Skyfarming, or vertical farming, was first made public in 1915 by Mr. Gilbert Ellis Bailey in his book Vertical Farming.

Pruning for Rose Plant Health and Strong Rose Canes

Pruning roses redirects growth and life-force in the plant. When parts of the plant are pruned, it uses its energies to produce new, vigorous stems and leaves. Pruning cuts should therefore mostly be made just above a new outward facing bud.

Diatomaceous Earth for Chinch Bugs

The chinch bug is a lawn pest that kills grass by sucking the sap out of it and injecting a toxic saliva with its pointy mouthpiece.In order to prevent large populations of chinch bugs from residing in your grass begin monitoring for these pest in June before the weather becomes hot and large populations develop.

Jade Plant Care Tips

Taking care of a jade plant the proper way is no easy mission, but it is very rewarding once you get the hang of it. Allow us to help you start taking care of your jade plants already today!

What Are Your Options When Growing Vegetables Indoors?

Growing your vegetables outside is not always an option, thus you have to grow them indoors. Here, we give you tips and nifty tricks on how to grow your vegetables indoors with great results.

Creating Your Own Raised Garden Beds

Using raised garden beds has some advantages over other styles of gardening. Raised garden beds result in improved soil drainage, decreased compaction of soil, and easier maintenance. Also, raised garden beds are more cost-effective, since amendments will only be applied to the bed areas and not the entire garden. Bigger harvests are to be expected, since plants can be spaced closer in a raised garden bed.

Planting Large Trees – How Much and How Often to Water

A useful guide to watering for those planting large trees in their yards. If you are considering planting large trees for quick results in your garden, just remember that they need care for their first few years to get them successfully established. Here’s what they need in the way of water.

Growing Tomatoes – How to Grow Tomatoes

In today’s economy, growing tomatoes is like putting money in the bank. In some areas of the country, shoppers pay near $2 and up for one store bought tomato. Beside the better taste of organic tomatoes, your family is safe from direct exposure to pesticides with organically grown produce. Here are some valuable tips on how to grow tomatoes successfully in your home garden.

Improving Your Soil By Adding Humus

What is Humus? Humus is plant and animal remains which is gradually decomposed in the soil. The agents of decay are the millions of bacteria and other microscopic organisms which live in every ounce of earth.

How To Start a Garden In 5 Easy Steps

Many people like the idea of gardening but just don’t know how to actually start a garden. Here is a basic outline of how to get started on a garden of your own so that you can grow your own flowers, vegetables, herbs or fruit. You should be warned though that gardening can be very addictive.

Best Grow Lights for Your Indoor Plants

Plants need light to grow. In countries where sunlight is scarce in the long winter months or where there is no outdoor space for a garden you can reproduce good growing conditions with an artificial light source such as a grow light inside a grow tent or grow cabinet. Grow lights are a good alternative to sunlight when you want to grow plants indoors. Here’s a summary of the most economical types of lights available and the ways they are most commonly used.

Home Gardening – Some Tips for Beginners

Gardening is a very satisfying experience which some people pursue as a hobby and some do it to enhance the beauty of their home. Growing different types of trees and flowering plants help in flaunting an aesthetic home garden. Thriving plants catch everyone’s attention and get admired by the visitors and guests.

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