More From Less in the Simple Garden

Plant an Awesome Rose Tree Garden and Be the Envy of Your Neighbors

Roses are a wonderful option, but if you’re looking for something a little more impressive than simple rose bushes, you may want to consider a rose tree garden. A rose tree would make a gorgeous addition to your custom landscaping!

The Caring and Feeding of Annuals in Your Garden

Every spring season your local garden center or big hardware super center is overrun with all the colors of the rainbow in the form of flowers, more specifically annuals. These hearty and beautiful flowers are very popular to seasoned and rookie gardeners due to their vibrant colors and their hearty nature. Because they are so durable and hearty, taking care of these flowers is not too difficult so lets spend a brief moment looking at the care and feeding of these spectacular flowers.

The Easiest to Grow Herb Garden Plants

Most professional chefs know that it is the freshness and quality of ingredients that make or break a dish. That is why you often see them using fresh herbs instead of dried. As a home chef, you can do the same.

Herb Planting Supplies

Online or in local gardening store supplies in your area, there are a lot of herb garden kits being sold by the dozen now that there is a newfound awareness of container herb planting. And they’re all good. But sometimes, the simplest container for your precious herbs can be found right in the comforts of your own home. (A friend of mine even used a shoe for one of his orchids.)

Growing Herbs in the House – Indoor Gardening

Having a home herb garden is sometimes a big help, especially if you’re the type who is into healthy cooking. Herbs not only bring flavor to your meals, but it also complements and supplements nutrients and substances found in most of our vegetables, poultry, fish, livestock and other meats.

Container Gardening – Vegetable Planting With Kids

Kids normally have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. Their curiosity leads them to a lot of things that we as adults may find unsightly (especially if they turn out to be a mess as the end result). So it comes as no surprise that growing herbs from scratch holds a great deal of appeal for kids of all ages.

Wholesale Roses – Better Than Your Local Florist

Buying roses can be expensive, especially around Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Many people accept this as just one of those facts of life. But does that mean that you have to suck it up and shell out $50-75 for a simple bouquet every time you need to purchase some roses?

The Adventure of Herb Gardening

An introduction to herbs. Information is included that will give a prospective herb gardener insight into different types of herbs and the benefits they bring to mankind.

Herb Garden Plants – Bay/Sweet Bay/Laurel

Of Mediterranean origin, the bay is an evergreen tree, It is usually grown as a bush, and it hates the cold. For this reason alone it has come to be cultivated habitually in large containers – often on wheels to move into shelter. Its branches may be trimmed to size and into formal shapes.

3 Essential Tips For Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing your own herb plants is a good way to create fresh, aromatic herbs for many different purposes. Growing herbs indoors is simple since herb plants grow well in pots and they thrive in sunny window sills. Any type of pot or container that allows for well-drained soil will be a welcome home for herb plants.

What Herb Garden Plants Should You Plant?

This article will help you decide which herb garden plants you want to use in your home herb garden. I’ll explain the different classes of plants so you can decide which ones will work best for you.

Callicarpa Americana – American Beauty Berry

One of my very favorite plants of all is the American Beautyberry. One of the showiest of all native plants, Callicarpa americana, displays vibrant purple berry clusters all along the stems at a time when few plants are blooming in the garden.

Having a Fresh Herb Garden

If you have any gardening instincts, you can cultivate your own fresh herb garden. A little bit of labor and expense can lead to bountiful results. Remember the stories of ancient times when great explorers would travel to far away lands in the quest for spices?

Give Your Cooking Zest With an Italian Herb Garden

Herbs used in Italian cooking are among the most used and flavorful in any herb garden. Plant your own Italian herb garden to add zest to your cooking, and since many are perennials, you’ll enjoy them for years to come. Learn which herbs to grow, their growing habits, some ideas of how to use them, and even tips on how to best preserve them to enjoy through the winter months when your garden is resting.

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