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Tomato Plant Diseases

Did you put your heart and soul into growing tomatoes only to have them wilt and die because of some crazy tomato plant disease this year? Did the tomato Blight or Blossom Rot kill your garden?

Using Herbs From a Home Herb Garden

Congratulations, you have sown the seeds or planted seedlings. You have nurtured them with water and care and your herbs have grown and flourished. Now it is time to harvest and put your herbs to use as they are intended. There are just a few more tasks that must be completed before your herbs are ready for the stew pot or potpourri dish.

Organic Gardening – Succinct Review of the Diverse Types That You Could Look Out For

If you know yourself and the precise gardening style that will fit your rearing of your organic garden and facilitate you give way to your vegetables effectively, then you have pretty much gotten an advantage over other gardening enthusiasts. But what are the diverse types of gardening that you could look out for? Here are some of the types for you to consider.

Tips to Design a Mexican Style Garden

Whether it is to complement a Mexican style interior or just because you fancy it, a Mexican garden is a charming addition to any property. It has charm, elegance and a central area for entertaining. This article gives you the tips on how to create a Mexican garden.

The Whimsy, Magic, and Wonder of a Beautiful and Enchanting Gazing Globe

Gazing globes are a fixture in today’s garden landscape. They have a deep history, dating back to royalty in Europe. They have many purposes: ward off evil spirits, bring good luck, and a nice decorative ornament to any lawn. This article will provide information about gazing globes, its history, and the styles of designs available.

Top 10 Natural, Eco-Friendly and Anti-Pollutant Houseplants

You must have spent practically thousands of dollars to buy the latest vacuum cleaner and the latest floor cleaners that help you keep your house clean. However, these machines fail to work leaving you to the unhealthy dust particles and other pollutants in your house. Rather than artificial machines, you must opt for natural pollution fighters that come in the form of plants. Hence, to get rid of pollution in your house in a natural way, you must go through the top 10 houseplants that you can buy.

January Jobs in the Winter Garden

This is usually the coldest month of the year. Conditions are frustrating to the gardener with many left-over jobs from December waiting to be done. If new plants arrive when the ground is frozen or very wet, heel them temporarily in a ‘warm’ corner of the garden or put them in a frost-proof shed while the cold spell lasts, but they must be kept moist.

Great Benefits of Herb Garden Kits

When you plan to have an herb garden, first you need the herb garden kits. These kits are available from stores and cost around 30 dollars. There are many herb kits namely: variety kits, medicinal kits, culinary herb garden kits and many more.

Secrets of Having an Italian Herb Garden

This Italian herb garden of yours can include herbs like oregano, chives, fennel, sage, parsley, thyme, rosemary, basil, garlic and many more. If you want to spend money, you can buy all of these in the store. But if ever you want to save money and want to have the said garden, you can do so whether you have a small space or a big space.

Flowers From the Garden For Cutting

Any flower can be cut but not all flowers are equally good for the purpose. Many do not last well in water and some have unsuitable stems or an unpleasant smell. Equally not all flowers that are good for cutting are satisfactory for garden display. Some continue to flower for months but never make much of a show at any one time and some have flowers that quickly look shabby if left uncut.

Growing Chrysanthemum For Fun and Profits

When I’m not in the mood to work, I stare at the fresh flowers on my table, look at them and concentrate. Once my eyes are focused on the flowers, my energy becomes active as if there is someone pushing me to do the task with ease.

Gardens For Small Spaces

Gardens are a way to relax and relieve stress. If think you do not have room for a garden because you live in an apartment, do not get discouraged. Container gardens can satisfy your urge.

Organic Gardens – How to Make One

Some people have set up a garden inorganically. There’s nothing wrong with this since plants grown this way have quality results. However, the major downside of this method of gardening is build up of toxic. Inorganic gardening makes use of compounds and salts as fertilizers. When this builds up because of long-term use, it could degrade the quality of soil. Hence, it is much better when you set up an organic garden. It is a natural way of growing garden. Thus, eliminating the use of chemicals, salts and compounds in growing plants and vegetables.

Create Your Own Abundance of Flowers

A bouquet of flowers in winter, spring, summer, or fall or any special occasion always brings a smile to a person’s face. Think of the joy you will feel when you walk outside your front door or back door and see your own flowers… your handiwork.

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