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Lawn Care During Spring Season

The main reason for which spring lawn care has been done is to get the perfect grass during the summer season. The following are some of the tips that are to be followed for the spring lawn care.

What If You Do Not Wish to Build Your Own Worm Farm

Worm farms create vermicast which is good for the soil. It will not even cost a dime as this is the by-product of the worms. For people who don’t want to establish a worm farm, the best thing is that you can buy one instead.

Hostas – The Perfect Shade Perennial

Hostas are a beautiful and very diverse group of hardy perennials that are, quite literally, made for shade. They grow best in a spot that receives filtered shade throughout the day. You probably won’t choose hostas for their flowers. It’s the stunning and diverse foliage that is the attraction with these plants. With a vast selection of cultivars to choose from, you may have difficult choices to make!

Feeding the Worms in a Worm Farm

Naturally composting waste, providing an organic material that enriches soil and even giving hobbyists and fisherman with live bait. It is these that are the all causes of worm farming. Attending to the worms in a worm farm is usually quite simple but there some rules of thumb to follow. Proper feeding is significant for the health of the worms, and as a consequence important for the health of the farm.

Opportunities For Self-Sufficiency – Food Production

In the past most people grew their own food; now we are dependent on an unsustainable and polluting agriculture. If we do garden at all we should consider planting fruit trees and growing vegetables between the flowers. Most gardens are too small to grow all our vegetable and fruit requirements; however what we do grow is at least under our control, and can allow us to keep to organic principles in the process.

Facts About Worm Farming

Worm farming is a fantastic technique to naturally compost waste and other discarded materials. Therefore, nutrient rich soil is produced and can be made use of in flower beds, crops, and gardens. Irrespective of all the reading and studies one does, issues may arise and can result in some concern.

Garden Fairies – Find More Than Just Flower Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden!

There are many types of fairy, and garden fairies are just some of them. From flower fairies to tree spirits, the garden can be an abundance of fairy activity, so long as the right setting is provided.

What Do You Comprehend about Worm Farming?

If you have puzzled how widespread or popular worm farming is in the United States, or if you have ever considered starting your personal worm farm, you may observe the accompanying info interesting. Worm farms on a huge scale exist as follows: Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico-1 each. Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, and the UK-2 each.

Tips For the Beginning Greenhouse Grower

Greenhouses are a largely misunderstood structure. Most people think that they can install a greenhouse or have one built for them, and then the warm rays of the sun will provide them all of the free heat that they need to be able to grow any type of plant from temperate to tropical all year long. The number one misconception about greenhouses is the heat.

How to Attract Fairies to Your Garden – Making a Haven For Fairies, Elves and Nature Spirits

Do you believe in fairies? If so, you probably want to know how to attract them to your home. Learn how to make your garden attractive to fairies by planting the right flowers and creating the right designs. You might even spot a fairy or two!

Prepare Your Garden For Winter – 4 Easy Tips

Spend an extra day in your garden to tuck it in before winter hits, don’t risk the loss of your younger and less hardy plants to severe cold. Prepare your garden for winter with these 4 easy tips.

Introduction to Composting

Composting is a fantastic way to help the environment, and create compost for your garden. Much of the organic waste (ie. food) thrown away from the kitchen can be put into your compost bin, and turned into a great soil improver.

Garden Rain Barrel – Healthy For Your Plants & the Environment

Just like the garden rain barrels of old, rain barrels today are a great addition to our home and garden. Use a rain barrel to water your plants and for other watering tasks. Recycling rainwater is a terrific way to cut down on your water bill and help the environment at the same time.

Spider Plant Care For the Beginning Houseplant Enthusiast

Spider plants are an essential part of any household or office plant collection. Its long leaves grow from the center of the plant and are usually green at the edges with a creamy white stripe down the middle. Spider plants are one of the most common houseplants, and are extremely easy to grow and propagate.

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