My 3 Biggest Gardening Lessons in 2018

The Most Under-Rated Corporate Flowers Ever Created – The Spiritual Lotus

The lotus is the national flower of India, not a place that immediately springs to mind when thinking about corporate flowers; however, it is certainly a country that evokes a strong sense of spiritualism, as does the majestic lotus. Being a native of Southern Asia, it is not too far fetched to believe that Buddhists consider this flower to symbolize spiritual enlightenment. One of the reasons for this may be that the perfect flowers grow in shallow, muddy lakes but arise out of the filth and mud to bloom into a delicate flower of purity…

Worm Farms – Get the Scoop

What else begs for the label of nourishing dirt or compost? This is not the compost you get at your local garden store, but the physical kind you make at home. Knowing the deviation between earthworms, such as red wigglers or tiger worms is truly important when talking about worm farms, these are known as the earthworm species!

Take Control of What You Eat by Organic Farming!

The article talks about the deteriorating nutritional value of our daily food. It suggest that Organic Farming in the free space in our homes can help us to enjoy highly nutritional food items.

What Is an EarthWorm Farm Anyway?

Earthworm farm are farms of dirt that breed and house earthworms. They are very easy to make. But why would you want to to create an earthworm farm to begin with? Most earthworm farms are done by professional earthworm breeders. Find out what an earthworm farm is and does as a hobby and for the professional earthworm farmer.

Quickly Make Your Own Earth Worm Farm

If you have need to make an earthworm farm, or want to start a new hobby, you have made a great decision. Earth worm Farms seem to be for a 3rd grade science class, but believe it or not, have an earthworm farm is a great way to experience the Eco-system all around us.

Bonsai Soil: Must Have Info Shared By a Seasoned Gardener

If you want your passion for crafting Bonsais to last, you need to nurture your trees. The secret lies in bonsai soil. Discover the essential facts right now!

Raised Beds: The Square Foot Gardening Technique

Raised bed gardening is nothing new. It can benefit urban gardeners with limited space as well as traditional gardeners who simply want to improve their yield. Recent improvements in how to build and use raised beds are found in a newly revised manual on the subject.

Lovely Lettuces

Of all the vegetables to grow in pots, the lettuce is probably the most common, and the most easily grown vegetable. Not only that it comes in a variety of colours, textures and growth habits. Lettuce grows easily from seed. In doing so you get a variable period with early, late and the pick as you grow varieties! What could be simpler?

Roses Through The Ages – Literature

Poets have praised the sweet scent of a rose. Keats while writing about the Elysian fields said “The rose herself has got, perfume which the earth has not”. Thomas.

How to Start Growing Garlic in Pots

Why grow your own garlic? Isn’t it far easier to buy it from the shop? And if you haven’t got a garden or aren’t really keen on gardens can you really start growing garlic in pots? This article provides the answers to these questions, and lays down some simple instructions on how to start growing garlic in pots at home.

Choosing the Appropriate Bonsai Pot

The pot is a very important element of the bonsai. Varieties of containers are accessible in the market and that also of different shapes, designs and colors. The most important thing that you should look at while purchasing the pot is the shape and size of the vessel.

Growing Tomatoes: What You Should Know

Growing tomatoes can be a very rewarding pursuit for anyone interested in vegetable gardening. Tomatoes are one of the easiest crops to grow, but it is still necessary to learn the basics of growing them to really succeed and grow delicious tomatoes.

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