My 5 Favourite Tools in the Garden

Your Greenhouse Windows

Installing a greenhouse window (or ‘window sill greenhouse’) is a fantastic way to brighten up an otherwise gloomy room. Although there are a variety of different shapes, styles and materials for window sill greenhouses, greenhouse windows may be separated into two general categories: aluminum and vinyl. While vinyl windows are more resistant to condensation, aluminum windows attract far less heat than vinyl windows, which may be a deciding factor if you would like to enhance the true ‘greenhouse’ feel of your window. After you have fastened your new window to your house, you may need to establish supports to ensure that your window does not fall and break.

Consider an Indoor Greenhouse

An aspiring gardener can enjoy growing a virtually unlimited variety of plant life by using an indoor greenhouse. Apartment dwellers and homeowners alike can enjoy the plants they love best all year long when they choose to garden indoors. For a modest investment of between ten and twenty dollars, you can start your planting endeavor with a windowsill indoor greenhouse. Many grow light systems include multiple shelves, covers, and shades designed to filter incoming light. If space and budget permit, you may find growing racks to be an especially gratifying way to enjoy indoor gardening.

Tree Surgery and Maintenance – Walking the Professional Way

Trees are a priceless gift of God to mankind. Besides giving us the necessary food and oxygen, they enhance the overall health and beauty of your surroundings. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to keep them in sound conditions all round the year.

Setting Up Your Greenhouse Glazing

Greenhouse Glazing refers to the type of material you choose to cover your greenhouse with. There are several factors to consider in choosing a greenhouse glazing: light penetration, heat retention, durability, and the cost. There are a few different factors that will determine how much heat retention is required in greenhouse glazing. If you find that the greenhouse glazing you choose doesn’t provide enough insulation, you can simply add a layer of poly underneath to help keep more of the heat in. Certain weather can quickly wear down your glazing if you don’t choose one that is more apt to resist the harsh conditions in your area, so it is best to consider what type of weather is normal in your area before making any decisions.

Greenhouse Shade

Whether a professional grower or a hobbyist, you will find the need for a shade cloth to protect plants from getting too much sun. The shade cloth is available in different strengths to enable the grower to adjust the light input to the types of plants they grow. A greenhouse that is placed near trees will receive some shade if they are tall enough to the shade cloth would need to be of a lower strength if the plants need more sun than shade type plants. The internet is a vast holder of information on growing plants; doing some research on greenhouse shade cloth would be of the best interest of the grower before buying any.

Greenhouses Are Used For Mass Plant Production

Green houses are used for a variety of purpose from growing seasonal crops year round to the mass production of flowers and plants. They have even become attractive as a food production source for people living in marginal environments.

Having Greenhouse Plants

For those who love gardening, building a greenhouse on their property is a wonderful way to introduce new plants into their lives. Greenhouse plants are typically those that would not naturally thrive in the area in which the gardener lives. Whether you are shopping online or at a local greenhouse, information on the ideal environment in which a plant will thrive is generally easy to find. The key to successful greenhouse gardening is in finding plants who will all thrive under similar conditions.

History of Plumeria Frangipani Plants

Bob Walsh begins the history of Plumeria Frangipani plants with the Aztecs in 1522. He follows the famous botanist and explorer of the late 17th century who gave his name to the Plumeria, chronicles the arrival of Plumeria plants on Hawaii and concludes the history with the important part Hawaii played in making the Plumeria known to the world and contributing to its popularity today.

Florists Offer A Wide Variety Of Arrangements

Florists are specialists in the emotional language of blooms and blossoms. What ever the event or occasion a well staffed and stocked shop can help you pick out just the right arrangement to express you feelings.

Composting – Create a Compost Project Destined For Success

New and experienced composters often fall by the way-side because they lack one thing – careful planning. We all want the best for our gardens and composting is the way to get the best fertilizer, mulch and potting mix without huge financial cost, but it does take some effort. Good planning helps to create a project with no surprises, but which will be sure to succeed.

Fungus Gnat Prevention and Other Important Facts

Allow your potting soil to dry out completely between watering. But do not wait until your plant starts to wilt before you water it again. This is probably the most common and easiest fungus gnat prevention measure.

Garden Centers Can Help Keep Your Home Beautiful

Garden centers are businesses that carry plant and equipment to make you home a show place or statement of your neighborhood pride. These business carry everything you need including the knowledge necessary to make any landscaping idea a reality.

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