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Date Palm Tree

The date palm tree is a commonly cultivated palm tree for its edible and tasty fruits-dates. It is also called the Medjool Date Palm and Phoenix dactylifera.

Small Gardens – How to Fill a Small Space With a Garden

Do you want a garden but your space is limited? Here are some ideas that you can use to have the garden you always wanted. So you can get the best from a limited area, determine what purpose or function your space will serve. It matters not if you are renting an apartment or own your home you can still garden.

Container Gardening – 3 Quick Tips to Make That Container Garden a Success

It is a good feeling of a job well done, so you should start with preparing for the job making sure you have everything you need before you start. Choose your container, making sure there is proper drainage in the bottom.

Herb Gardening – Herbs to Use in Creating a Herb Garden on Your Balcony or Patio

So many useful and health worthy herbs can be grown on balcony’s and patios in just about any container or pot. Growing your own herbs is also kind to your wallet, as when buying them in stores you would have to use them quickly when fresh. Have herbs handy and available. Small sprigs can be harvested to give you instant freshness.

Gardens in Pots – Herbs You Can Harvest From Your Container Gardens

What could be more satisfying than snipping off fresh sprigs of herbs from your own windowsill or patio pots and adding them to your cooking? It is becoming more apparent that food safety is becoming a number one concern in today’s society.

Container Gardens – 3 Great Herbs to Grown in Pots on Your Patio or Deck

The aromas of cooking with your freshly picked herbs. What could be better? And what could be easier than growing them on your balcony or deck. Plant some herbs in with your flowers for texture, effect and great aroma.

Herbs in Pots – Getting the Most Out of Your Container Garden

When you just need a bit of color or a dab of the unusual, it is the herbs one will use to get the job done. Most popular herbs thrive in pots and containers which can be situated in a windowsill or on a balcony close by for quick use. Then in the winter months, some are brought in for a continued fresh supply for culinary use.

Growing the Basil Herb – Harvesting, Use and Maximizing Your Growth

How to take basil from a seed to your plate. Includes all the special requirements that basil has and advice on the best way to harvest it. Advice on the correct temperature, soil and fertilizer is also included.

Caring For Roses and Controlling Their Disease Problems

As you may already know, as a rosarian, there are some difficulties when caring for roses, but as time goes on you will see it’s really not all that hard. If you have chosen the most optimal place for your rose garden, rose plant or rose bush, then there shouldn’t be too many problems.

Rose Bush Care – So You Can Have the Best Rose Bushes

Roses are the most popular and arguably the most beautiful flower in most parts of the world. Rose bush care is how to be sure you’ll enjoy the best rose bushes you can grow and be rewarded with years or enjoyment.

Compost Bins Versus Compost Piles – Which Are Best?

Composting your kitchen and yard waste is wonderful for the environment and also produces a rich end-product that is wonderful for your yard and garden. If you have not composted before and are interested in starting, there are two main ways to begin: by either building a compost pile in your yard, or by purchasing (or making) a compost bin.

How to Build Compost Piles

Building a compost pile will help you refresh your garden as well as allowing you to reduce the rate of garbage that you put into the landfills. By taking just a little bit of time out of your day, you can ensure that you never run out of fertilizer and that you are doing your part to help the environment. There is no doubt that you could learn how to build compost piles and I know you will be addicted once you do.

Herb Garden Information – Introduction to Herb Gardening

How would you like to grow your own herbs? Many of your friends may already be cultivating gardens to produce medicinal herbs for their own. In recent decades, it has become evident again that herbs provide the best treatments for countless physical maladies.

Hydroponic Strawberries – 9 Advantages

Have you ever considered growing your own hydroponic strawberries? They are delicious and you could make money from them!

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