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Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables

Growing your own produce can be so rewarding and delicious! However, many chemicals that gardeners typically use can make their way into the produce and our bodies. Find out how to grow healthy organic produce for delicious and healthy vegetables!

Grow and Dry Your Own Herbs

Herb gardening is a simple way to grow your own herbs for cooking. Herbs will grow well almost anywhere so you can always have a ready supply. You can also dry and store them for later use. Read more to find out how you can get the most from your herb garden.

Greenhouses to Build – Simple Steps

Many people dream about having their own greenhouse. Most of them think that building one is expensive and so is its maintenance. These are all misconceptions about greenhouses.

Garden Equipment – What Do You Really Need

You don’t need every piece of garden equipment you see in the hardware store. But how do you know which one is the best for your gardening needs? Read on to find out what power garden equipment is the must have and which ones you can live without.

The Tasty Aspects of Herb Gardening

Some gardening ideas are so flexible because they can be done both indoors and out. Herb gardening is one of those great options. And when you grow your own herbs, the taste of your foods just explode. (In a good way, you know.) If herbs are on your gardening “yes” list, check here for details.

How to Repot an Orchid

There’s no big mystery about repotting an orchid but it is a little bit different than repotting, say, your favorite philodendron. First of all, there’s no soil required, although potting medium is necessary. But let’s get to it:

How to Identify an Orchid Flower Spike

Flowering spikes can appear on a different parts of the plant, depending on the orchid specie. For a beginner it is especially hard to know, what to look for and where to look for a flower spike. These are the guidelines that will be of great help.

Rose Bush Pruning

Roses require pruning, it’s important for keeping plants in shape and free of dead growth. A healthy plant will produce more flowers and be more resistant to disease.

An Outdoor Playhouse Gets a Vibrant Lift With Flower Boxes

Your child’s outdoor playhouse could be a picture perfect fun spot with the addition of a few flower boxes that are filled with fresh (or faux) flowers. Flowers easily brighten any space and can give the playhouse a more authentic look and feel like a real home. Children that own a kids playhouse want it to seem “just like Mommy’s and Daddy’s” house, so they are likely to be very excited about decorating with flower boxes.

When to Cut Off Orchid Pseudobulbs?

Orchids often have a really hard time surviving in their natural environment. Especially the ones that are exposed to great extremes, like prolonged periods of drought, have developed some kind of bulbs – that look like bulbs but they are not, that are called pseudobulbs.

Orchid Light Requirements

Different orchids have different light requirements and the amount and type of light is very important. Orchids grow all over the world and in or on every medium, excluding ice. There is no way to make one, sweeping generalization as to how much light a specific type would need and want.

Garden Hose Knowledge Worth Knowing

Who in their right mind would write a 400+ word article about garden hoses? And why? Well, my mind is right, but then this article is not just about garden hoses. Using a hose to transport water to thirsting plants in your garden is the way to go – no doubt about it. You already know this, or you would just carry a bucket around and slosh water all over un-suspecting plants. But as with anything, the world of garden hoses goes a little further than just a hose with water in it.

Compost Tumbler – Nature’s Ultimate Recycling System

As a society we produce mountains of unnecessary trash. We can do our part in reducing the amount of material that we allow to go to the landfill by giving some thought to what we throw out, and redirecting much of it to a process that converts this waste to a usable, sought after product.

Discussion About Fast Grow Tree That Can Be Planted in Garden

As you all know the electricity nowadays has been rising, that is why gardens with trees that produce shade are important. You can also contribute to the environment when planting fast grow trees, because it is eco friendly.

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