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Seven Simple Steps for Repotting Orchids

This article discuss seven simple steps you need to remember when repotting orchids. Follow these steps and witness a transformation in your orchid’s health and vitality.

Plantable Paper

What is plantable paper? It is a new way of being environmentally friendly and green since you can put the paper back into the ground by planting it. These papers are handmade and contain a special blend of wildflower seeds.

Bonsai Trees History

Bonsai is the art of growing certain species of trees in small pots. The practice of growing Bonsai trees dates back over a thousand years ago in China where it was then known as pun-sai. These first forms of Bonsai displayed rugged, distorted trunks that had sparse foliage which had a striking resemblance to animals held in high regard in Chinese culture such as dragons and birds.

How to Water Your Orchids Properly

Since orchids are among the kinds of flowers that can be quite challenging to keep alive and healthy, and it is essential that you know what you are doing when caring for them. People who care for these kinds of plants should be in the know regarding how to care for them such as the proper watering for orchids, for example. Also they should learn about orchids stem and orchids roots to be able to nourish it very well.

Suitable Plastic Planting Pots For Houseplants

Plastic planting pots are among the containers suitable for houseplants and for gardeners with limited yard space. Plastic plant pots are available in wide variety in sizes, colors, shapes and plastic materials.

Gardening – Back To Basics

We all want to eat healthy and we are told by all the professionals get back to the basics. But what are the basics and how do we get there?

General Care For Growing Tomato Plants

Something red, something shiny, something juicy and something sweet… That is how we often describe the tomato fruit that we frequently see in our dining area. You would definitely agree if I say that we can’t get over these fruits.

Four Guidelines to Caring for Orchids

Caring for orchids can be summarized into four guidelines. First, find out what specific requirements they have; second, determine how much light they need; third, insure the temperature is properly regulated; and fourth, time the fertilizer application.

Drying Herbs Successfully – Get the Most Out of Your Herbs

Are you into the joys of successful herb gardening? Do you love using your homegrown herbs to add zest and aroma to your everyday dishes? Do you want the convenience of having ready-to-use herbs in your kitchen cupboard? If you answer yes to these questions, then it’s best if you learn how to properly dry your fresh herbs. One of the simplest and easiest ways of preserving herbs is by drying them. In fact, drying herbs can be pretty exciting! Think of how you will enjoy having a stock of dried herbs in your kitchen, all lined up in nice jars, waiting to release their magic aroma and flavor.

Growing Herbs

Almost everyone uses herbs in cooking. Fresh herbs can be hard to find, so most people use dried herbs.

Orchid Pruning – An Essential Step to Prepare Your Orchid for the Next Blooming Season

Orchid pruning is essential to preparing your orchid for the upcoming growing season. This article discusses the simple and proper way to prune your orchids, including when and why pruning is needed, the tools you will need, and how to easily prune them.

Plantable Card Favors

Plantable card favors are all the rage in today’s environmental and eco friendly world. These cards are little favors that can be customized and then planted in a garden or pot. The favors will come in various shapes and colors and can be used for any type of occasion such as a funeral memorial, birthday, anniversary, showers, and wedding.

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