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Time to Check Your Birdhouses

Most people have Labor Day on their minds, putting away the summer clothes, getting the fall stuff out of the attic or closet and getting ready for the cold weather that we know is coming. There’s one other thing you should be doing though and that’s getting your yard back into welcoming shape for the birds that will be coming next spring.

Orchids – The Wedding Guide

Learn 3 overlooked success factors in using orchids in your wedding. Wedding orchids can be beautiful if planned right!

Harvest Fruits and Vegetables From Your Own Garden

Why not harvest Fruits and vegetables from your own garden? This would be a great way to change the place you live in, from your house to your Home! Yes indeed, you can create your own garden with very little investment, and with modest inexpensive means. You do not have to spend a fortune, to grow and eat fresh healthy fruits, berries, and vegetables in your backyard.

What Lawn Mower Must I Purchase?

If you are lucky enough to possess a lawn, then sooner or later you are going to require to get it cut. The simple choice is to pay for somebody else to do it for you!

How to Prune Tomato Plants – 5 Essentials

Setting up a new tomato garden? In this article Gryffith lists the 5 essential points that everyone should know about pruning. Of particular help to beginning gardeners.

Growing Orchids – Fragrant Flowers You Can Grow

Do you love the beauty and fragrance of orchids? You can grow these gorgeous plants in your own home.

How to Fertilize Tomatoes – 5 Beginner Essentials

Feeding (or fertilizing) tomatoes is one of those subjects that new gardeners seem to worry a lot about however you should take a deep breath and relax because whilst it is a relatively involved and difficult subject to master it is, fortunately, very unlikely that you will do anything disastrous here. Location, soil, watering and pests are far more likely to have a serious impact on your plants.

Hydroton Clay Pebbles – Perfect for Hydroponics

Hydroton, also called clay pebbles, expanded clay, hydroclay, or hydrocorn is the perfect growing medium for hydroponics. These clay pellets are cooked in a kiln at high temperatures until they expand. This process creates little catacombs and crevices inside each pellet that end up holding air and nutrient solution.

Six Techniques to Orchid Growing

Read about the different methods of orchid growing. Find out which orchid propagation technique suits you most.

Flowers of August – The Dramatic Gladiolus

Whether you’re sending unique flower designs or looking to infuse your garden with a Victorian feel, the beautiful Gladiolus is always a great choice. Learn about its history, meanings and care.

Growing Indoor Orchids the Right Way

Get the knowledge you need to successfully grow indoor orchids right now. In this article you will discover how easy it can be to grow these exotic plants indoors with very little effort.

A Plastic Watering Can Makes Watering Plants Fun

If you like potted plants, indoor or outdoor, you need a watering can to help care for them. Learn about the benefits of using a plastic watering can.

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