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Why Use a Garden Designer?

Several reasons why you should use a garden designer to help realise your ideal garden. Includes tips on how to select the right garden designer for you, and also the contractor to build your garden.

Herb Garden Light – What to Consider When Choosing One

This article introduces the reader into the subject of artificial light for herbs grown indoors. It mentions the two most common artificial light types, which are fluorescent light and high intensity discharge light (HID). The reader will also find some recommendations about the proper use of artificial light.

4 Tips on Raised Bed Home Vegetable Gardening

Raised bed vegetable gardening is a great way to turn unused spaces into vegetable producing areas. Here are 4 tips that you can use to increase the success of your raised beds.

Container Gardens Can Be Stunning – And Need Not Cost a Lot of Money

If you are keen in gardening but feel that it will be costly, you can’t be further from the truth as you can try out container gardens. Even if your budget is very low, there is definitely something that can fit your needs. Containers need not be very expensive but with a bit of effort, you can have a very beautiful mini garden sitting in your house.

Garden Ideas From the Pros

If are newly maintaining your garden, then you are sure to obtain valuable ideas from an experienced gardener. Gardeners experienced in their field can help you in making the garden of your dreams. All you have to do is give him an idea of what exactly you want in the garden and he is sure to implement it effectively in the garden for you. The more attached you are to your garden the more you will pay attention to every minute detail. Very few people actually jot down their plans on paper, while giving an idea to the gardener, or for themselves.

Cultivating Tools in Gardening

To create a beautiful looking garden, a gardener will surely require a few cultivating tools. A garden can look healthy and good only if it is taken care of well on a regular basis. One of the first tools that anybody to think of for gardening is a tool for digging mud, which is called the spade. It should be convenient to hold in the hand, and it should be possible to use the tool without getting tired. An average sized spade is good enough as a cultivating tool for your garden.

The Basics of Starting a Mini Herb Garden

This article is designed to include all you need to know about starting a mini herb garden. Learn excellent tips about pots, soil, water, and starting plants.

Herb Garden – How to Cultivate

Perhaps you have wanted to start your own herb garden. How to grow and cultivate it, however, may be a question you would like to discover. Whatever your purpose for starting your own herb garden, be it for culinary, medicinal or decorative purposes, herb garden is delightful to have.

Lilies – Great Holiday Flowers

Google the word “lily,” and you’ll get over 13 million results in seconds. Perhaps, slightly more overwhelming is the fact that “lily” refers to over 100 species of flowers, and that some of the most recognizable examples of what we think of when we think of lilies, such as the ever popular calla lily, are not lilies at all. Regardless, what’s in a name has never rung more true than in the case of the lily. The word lily often inspires images of purity, elegance, and life. Lilies are often included in wedding arrangements, and more often than not are also a part of funerals and memorials.

Why Everyone Should Have a Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Are you interested in fresh, organic produce but don’t like paying an arm and a leg? Read on to find out why you should have your own garden.

Transform Your Yard to a Water-Wise Garden

If you spend a lot of your gardening time watering plants and moving hoses, then you may want to transform your yard into a water-wise space. Using less water is an eco-friendly decision. There are several steps that you can take to make this transition, most of them simple and easy to implement.

Some of the Best Vegetables For a Home Garden

Depending on where you live, nearly all vegetables are suitable for a home garden. When choosing vegetable varieties to plant, choose varieties that mature earlier if you live in a northern climate. Living in a southern climate lets you plant just about any type of vegetable, which is wonderful when it is planting time.

Discover the Fascinating Herbs of Tea Herb Gardening Part 1 of 3

Considered to be relaxing, Chamomile tea should be drunk in the evening. This herb is predominantly a muscle relaxer. This plant’s flower is picked and dried to make the herb we know.

Does Your Compost Stink? Here’s What to Do!

When you’re composting correctly, there shouldn’t be any bad smells. If your compost stinks, then use these tips to fix the problem.

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