New Heat Tolerant Plants for The Summer!

Garden Design Tips – Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs are great for the beginner gardener. They are economical, produce vibrant colors, come in a wide assortment of sizes, flower for different periods of time but most importantly they require minimal care for great looking flowers year after year.

Eiffel Tower Arrangements

Eiffel tower vases are one feet to four feet tall. These vases are not only tall and slender but also create classy and extravagant style. These Eiffel tower arrangements looks spectacular when kept on the table and also if accented with some candles or floralytes which are special lights attached to frosted glass of the vase give a terrific and stunning look and thus attracts the attention of your guests

Garden Design Tips – Garden Compost

Composting is one of the most environmentally beneficial things you can do for the earth and for generations to come. Food and yard waste account for almost 1/3 of all waste that ends up in landfills. Composting diverts a significant amount of household waste from not only landfills but also from water treatment facilities.

Gardening For a Greener Future

Looking to help the environment? View this article for some ideas on how you can help climate change when out and about in your garden.

Bring Your Garden Indoors

An Indoor Garden might be a good fit for you, it is for me. Are you like me, a casual indoor gardener who likes to see plants grow? Fresh vegetables and Flower taste and smell great!

Several Economical Gardening Tips For You

Gardening is fun and enjoyable activity, but if you are not careful, gardening can be expensive. However, making your garden beautiful on both harvest and budget is not as difficult as you think. It just needs to take a bit of organization and planning.

Small Garden Design – The Important Factors

Though gardening in a small space may have some limits but there is no dearth of ideas which can be incorporated in order to make the best utilization of the space. A small outdoor space can also be turned into an attractive garden with the help of small garden design. One can use their imagination in order to make the small space look bigger. The creation of atmosphere and the placements of plants and other elements plays a major role.

Basics of Growing Herbs in Containers

Whether you need pots to landscape your garden or to care for your herb plants indoors, here are tips on how you can do container gardening the right way. Learn the tips, tricks, and practicality of using containers for your plants.

Point of Use Hot Water Can Be a Good Choice For Your Greenhouse!

An under the sink water heater may be just what you need to get hot water to your favorite place… your greenhouse. You spend a great deal of time out there caring for your plants and vegetables. More often than not, you need hot water to wash your hands or hydrate your plants and in colder weather and ice water may be too much for them.

Vegetable Garden Layout – Companion Plants

The function and overall appeal of your vegetable garden can be improved by a good garden layout. And if you’re planning for a vegetable garden layout, one of the most important factors that you should consider is companion planting. Read this article to know how companion planting, as part of your layout, can help you maintain a garden with less time and effort.

Fresh Herb Garden

Is it worth the effort to grow your own fresh herb garden? Are fresh herbs really that much better? There’s only one way to find out: try them for yourself. One way to do that is to grow them yourself.

Garden Trimmers Are a Essential Item in Your Tool Shed

No matter what time of year it is we are in need of garden trimmers to keep our garden looking its best. Whether it is a lawn mower to keep the lawns at bay or a hedge trimmer to keep the form and shape of a hedge, where would we be without our garden tools?

Medicine Wheel Garden – Tips For Creating Sacred Space in Your Own Backyard

The Circle – lacking a beginning or end, represents infinity, perfection and the eternal. Often a symbol in our lives and our various cultures, the circle is articulated in many symbolic ways.

Planting Roses – A Smart, Brief Guideline

If gardening is your hobby, planting roses can be your particular interest. But, some people say that it is not always an easy thing to deal with such a matter, since you have to understand the ways to let the beautiful petals blossom in your garden every time. If you still feel curious about it, the following explanation will let you know more and it can be your great guideline. Check it out.

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